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A step forward?

Been a bit quiet on the WFC front and I’ve been busy this week, so a quick update or three on the morn of the Squatters vs Tenants derby.

Ambien Where To Buy As most of you probably know, there was a big meet between LBM, WFC, WISA and the FL over sites in Merton before travelling around the SW19/20/SM4 areas on the council’s own Funbus. Doubtless you’ve read the WISA press releases on it. You may have also read Merton’s press release on it, if not, it basically goes like this : there are no publically owned sites in Merton, LBM are committed to WFC returning. Two suitable sites in PL. Usual stuff. But here’s a new one – LBM suggested that the dog track/speedway relocate to “our” PL and WFC gets the current WGS site. Hmm – you can get a dog track on our PL turf definitely, so this may be a followup. Also, land ownership does change all the time, apparently, so again, it’s worth keeping an eye out. My thoughts? My immediate thoughts were that LBM is calling WFC’s bluff right in front of David Burns (who was there on the Funbus), that’s what the intention was certainly. Why the Railtrack depot got leaked to the press I don’t know, but it wasn’t taken in on the tour. Go figure. However, when WISA whipped out their 18k-25k stadium plan on “our” PL, it appears that not only were WFC surprised at it (hey, it’s called research) but also LBM. So if anything, this tour worked out better than we first hoped. What will happen now is up to the will of the individual parties. But it’s a start – it’s out in the open, all this, which is something we haven’t had for 10 years at least….

Coincidentally, has anyone noted Koppout’s language recently? All right, the guy is still hellbent on MK but he’s stopped trying to deliberately antagonise people. Sadly for him, he’s burnt far too many bridges for too many people as it stands, and unless he delivers properly over this, he’ll still be marked. Believe it

Ambien Online Fast Shipping Couple of other rumours this week, make of them what you will : Peter Andre (the pop star who did that bloody awful “Mysterious Girl” song) is being linked with some sort of financial involvement with the club. He lives – or his bird does, anyway – in Wimbledon Village. Could be easy to dismiss it as a wind-up, though as about 3 separate bodies have been mentioning this, who knows? … Koppout was reportedly seen at Kingsmeadow this week. Why? Who knows. What we do know is that Kingstonian are in mega financial shit, so maybe a more permanent link up is on the cards. Of course, being Koppout, what’s the betting that he’ll try and move the K’s so they can be renamed the MK’s? Ian Feuer is on loan to Derby for one month. Like you’re upset? One final bit for this morning – today, DC is missing and Neilsen may be doubtful. Oh well. And it’s going to be fucking hot.