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Clarke Kent


Hoorah, a win at a designated home game since August – Lip 3 Gyp 1 became a bit one sided after a while but at least we were spared the defensive fuckups that blighted last season’s game. And last week’s game, come to think of it.

It was pretty more or less even for the first half, nobody really looked likely to score and run away with it. Pretty solid anyway. Suddenly, with a through ball down the center, a flick on by Connelly (?) to Super Kevin Cooperâ„¢ and a cool slot past the goalie (just like Terry Gibson was unable to do) to make it 1-0. Second half we just seemed to go up a gear, and it probably was deserved when SKCâ„¢ netted, albeit via a mega deflection.

And so it went on, they had a man sent off after Jobi was the victim of attempted murder, rape and medium scale fraud all in one. Soon after that we scored, and basically cruised it from then on. Though of course being 3-0 up and a man up is a cue for everyone at WFC to panic (and when they scored fuck me did people start biting their nails). But we, er, held on, and 3 points in the bag. Nice.


Plus points: We won. Scoring well. MOTM was Jobi McAnuff, though Wayne “How much do Ipswich want for him?” Brown was solid – he and KC make an excellent couple. Nobody really played that badly. Some of the passing at times was sublime. If last weeks game vs Palace was the equivalent of constipation, this game was the half hour on the bog reading the Telegraph and letting it all hang out, so to speak.

Minus points: Conceding that goal. Oh, and am I the only person who thinks that Wu Tang is shit and Darlington ain’t all that?

The referee’s a…….. : Member of the RNIB. Missed half the challenges on us, though if he’d missed the attack on Jobi that even Bin Laden would find nasty I’m sure his labrador would have sent him off. Mind you, he wasn’t all bad – he managed to piss off the pikeys by calling back their advantages as well. Anyway, we won so fuck him (not literally).

Fight fight fight fight fight: (1) Wayne Brown and the Gill player having what Nigel Starmer-Smith would describe as “engaging in some shenanigans”. Sadly, WB resisted the temptation to cause GBH on the opposite player. (2) The Gill player who got sent off looked none too pleased at the taunting being given. Bit of verbal given? Naughty.

Quotes: (1) “Back to your fairground, you’re going back to your fairground” – us to the Romany contingent of the Gillingham support. Just don’t expect to get any favours from the Hoop The Duck (or whatever – I haven’t been to a fairground in years) guy next time you go to a funfair. (2) “Am I the only one who thinks Darlington gets worse and worse?” – a Womble at half time. I don’t know, they’re doing quite well in the third. (3) “Whenever we get a parcel full of white powder, we’re told not to call the police” – Dons fan who works in the music biz about the anthrax scare. Not actually related to WFC but funny none the less. Although if we were to bring Wankelmann into this…..

Jerry Garcia “Every silver lining has a touch of grey” memorial award: Finding out that Palace are top. Still, I wonder how much Karen Brady will need to offer Steve Bruce to get him to go to St Andrews? Remember this if Bruce leaves and says “I’m not doing this for the money”.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) A crowd of 8k there, apparently. More than the Millwall game and less in terms of away support. Obviously WFC have forgotten to do their usual and round the attendances down to make them look worse. Allegedly. (2) Did anyone see Wayne Brown drop his shorts after getting booked? Perhaps he was thinking of the ultimate way to sharpen the ref’s concentration IYSWIM. (3) Not hearing any wanky chants from away support about the Bucks Nuclear Dumping Ground. Amazing.

So, was it worth it? Yeah, I guess so.

In a nutshell: More of the same please.

Now, it turns out that today before the game, we had the first Official Fans Forum meet. Oh come on, it’s Koppout’s talking shop we’re talking about. Well, anyway, the first meeting of it was today – no, I didn’t apply for it, because if I had gone I would be in jail on a murder charge by now. Still waters run deep. From asking around various attendees today (mentioning no names, I am convinced WFC do read this site), here’s what I can gather:

About 100 people applied for it, which depending on your point of view is either a wanky return or an excellent return. There was a total of about 76 people there, although it may be apparent that some people were, ahem, “dropped” IYSWIM. I am aware that two people who were “dropped” got in anyway. One attendee was LBM’s Gene Saunders, who basically slipped the net. Koppout’s face was priceless, apparently. Koppout was there, so too was Hauger, a guy presumably from Brunswick taking notes and one or two other reps from the club (sorry, I didn’t make notes on who). Koppout himself was reportedly very nervous, unsurprisingly really as the guy’s general conduct and approach to this whole shebang has made him a target. And he’s only himself to blame for that.

As for what went on, well, er, not a lot really. It seemed to be an ice-breaking exercise (although as put to me, “it was either an icebreaking or Koppel having an ice pick through him”) and it was basically trying to sort out how to actually get this thing to work. It appears though that Koppel wants two from WISA, two from the VPs, two from the Stephenson, two from the Holmesdale and one from the Family Enclosure (and if I’ve missed anything out, I apologise).

In other words, the most represented area of the ground gets about 20% of the forum places. Whether you think this is fair (as in all sections of the ground are represented) or unfair (the “majority” of fans are grossly under-represented) is a matter for debate. IMO, I think that Koppout wanted it to be full of nodding dogs and didn’t get it from the offset (again, it has been quoted to me that “most in there are known anti-MK”). I honestly think that Koppout will find this OFF far more difficult to handle than he thought – for him, it’s his last opportunity really to persuade the fans that MK really is a good idea and already I sense a force de resistance building against anything untowards he tries. Don’t ask me why I think that, I just do. Will it work? People are keeping an open mind over it, and for now at least, it’s probably for the best.

More later.