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There’s no better way than Safeway. Maybe.

Well, this is my first update in the absence of our esteemed webmaster, who is currently off stalking Mr Koppel in Florida.  :o)  Well, for the first time in quite some time, there is some good news to report.  Yesterday a Government inspector blocked Safeway’s application, for the third and final time, to build a supermarket on Plough Lane.  This leaves Safeway with a decision to make: sell the land, or use it for housing.  Merton Council, ever helpful, released a statement asking Safeway to consider the possibility of returning the site to Wimbledon Football Club.  However, even if Safeway were prepared to return the site, would Mr Koppel really be prepared to take us home?  Perhaps if the arbitration rules out MK once and for all, even the short-sighted Koppel might realise that Plough Lane is the only way forward.

Oh, and we won at Stockport today, with goals from (Super) Kevin Cooper, and David Connolly.  Stockport did manage to pull a goal back, with not a little help from the referee, who saw fit to overrule the linesman’s, sorry the assistant referee’s, offside decision.  We remain in 17th place, but this result might just have saved Burton’s job.