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Various things

Hey all – I’m back running the site. Did you miss me? (oh, I see). Anyway, major league thanx to both Dr Wu and JC for keeping this site ticking over.

Just got my head finally straight, here’s my brief $0.02 on all the stuff that’s gone on (did a bit of WISA envelope stuffing today just to get back into things): the fallout from FU is still going strong, even now the vibes still feel positive. True, it’s merely but a step on the road to enlightenment, but it’s none the less a big one. The club are still trying to play it all down IMO, and Koppout’s outright bullshit just gets more outlandish. Thing has always been, WFC have lied from day one over all this, because they know the truth will fuck them up big time. Yesterday’s Express apparently has Koppout claiming we’re losing £100k a week (or is that a month?). Fine – so perhaps we can finally get a straight answer as to why all that lovely transfer dough has suddenly gone AWOL. No, I don’t suggest you hold your breath over that score. We all know it’s been fiddled in some way, shape or form to make us look like we’re going to go out of business.

Interestingly, Koppout – after promising to appear on TalkSport today along with Casale – bottled out. Quelle surprise. When even somebody as lowlife and untrustworthy as an MP appears decent and honest in comparison, you really haven’t got a hope in hell of anyone believing you. Wonder if Koppout is slowly but surely getting the message?

Speaking of the bent lawyer, I got sung that Charlie Koppel song today. Personally, I think it sounds better if done by 100 people somehow 🙂

Also from yesterday’s Express, apparently if MK falls thru like it really must do, the current owners will sell up. And if you need any more incentives for that, I pity you

Plough Lane is flattened, and fuck it hurts. Though IMO it really should have been flattened 4 years ago after a farewell match. We all know what happened, the hatred still won’t die down over that.

Meanwhile, you should all know the OWFF results. I understand (all right, I eavesdropped) that the draft minutes for that particular meeting is going to seriously embarrass the club, especially when it has to be printed on the OS. Though what is the betting that a) it gets, ahem, “altered”, and/or b) the OS ever so “forgets” to publish it, and/or c) the OS suddenly and inexplicably closes down ?

On the pitch, well, does anyone actually care? Well, somebody might, though TBH I haven’t followed what we’re doing all season. I don’t even know the league table and what’s more, I don’t actually care. Still, FWIW, David Nielsen is a cunt. Not just because of those comments he made about us (we were warned by Grimsby fans about this…) but also because he’s given the SW19 Livery department a major headache. Remember what they say about not doing stuff with current players? Anyway, as we all know, Neilsen has gone to Naarwich, and guess who their next game is against? Yup, you guessed it.

It appears that TB isn’t too pleased with Neilsen going, actually. He did mention about it being at boardroom level, and this coming after TB admits he may lose DC. How fucked up is this club?

Other than that, it may be shaping up to be a nice Xmas. Recharge your batteries, enjoy Naarwich if you’re going and let’s go for the final push come the New Year.

Oh, and can somebody lend me a tenner? Please?