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Bitter blues


So, back to SP post-Panel lack of verdict, and what fun Dumb and Dumber 2 Little and Large 1 was. Well, OK, it was pissing down and I have to confess I did feel pretty miserable driving away from SP – that place really depresses me now more than ever before – but seriously, it was kewl. Wonder how the people on ITV1 saw it? They certainly saw Shipps netting twice, I’m glad he’s coming back into scoring form. Actually, the game was quite similar to the game at Maine Road this year, Shipps scored twice then. Forgot what their goal was like though, I was too busy getting on telly….. 🙂

Needless to say, the whole thing is still being over-shadowed by the club’s utter delusionment over MK. More on that later, but it’s fair to say that WFC have gone beyond normal delusionment – I swear they’re all on drugs in the Portakabins, nobody outside parliament can be that out of touch? Surely?


Plus points: We won. Done the double over City. Who are top and unbeaten in 11 games, lest we forget. Nobody played badly. Shipps netting (and netting well) was pleasing to see. Defence held up quite well, save for their goal.

Minus points: Conceding a goal. The sheer desolation I still feel about our current plight.

Weather with you: Yeuch, yeuch and yeuch again. I didn’t think that global warming was supposed to make places wetter.

The referee’s a……… : This quote may sum him up : “Is it me or has every decision gone against us since we scored?”. Actually, he wasn’t bad, and he DID send dirty cheat Pearce off. And I don’t care if he’s got nice thighs* or not.

* – Apparently. The vast majority of female football fans I know seem to think so anyway.

City fans: Loads of them, from the Loyalist Fans In The Entire Worldâ„¢. Bit quiet though. And they’ve STILL got those fucking sad inflatable bananas.

If this doesn’t cheer you up today, nothing will (did me): Dicky Guy’s comments on ITV1 at half time. Excellent and then some. Glad to see he’s getting exposure as well after all these years.

And if you’re not pissed off already with WFC Ltd… : Get hold of their official statement re: MK/Panel/PL etc. Just read it.

Quotes: (1) “Small town in Stockport” – us to the Shitty fans. Not entirely inaccurate, as many if not most of their fans are from Stockport. Only team in Manchester my arse. (2) “8-0” – hand painted banner in Whitehorse Lane end. Excellent work guys, just hope you managed to play Avoid The Steward. (3) “You’re worse than Charlie Koppel” – somewhat nasty rib given to a wayward Shitty shot. Now come on guys, that shot wasn’t THAT bad.

And speaking of the extremely lovable, humble, easy going, and in no way shape or form totally out of his depth and swimming up shit creek sans paddle honest Yarpie duty solicitor in training: Guess what? He turned up to an OWFF meeting. Which apparently was most fun. Spats between him and Gene Saunders of LBM were, ahem, reported. Unsubstanciated rumours that Mr Koppel turned a rather interesting shade of purple when one OWFF leading light (you all know who he is. Koppout certainly does) accused him of “perverting the course of justice” over OWFF/HBRA Panel representation are of course unsubstanciated. No, I don’t actually know what happened before, during or indeed afterwards, but if only I had been a fly on the wall…..

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Again, the whole thing seems, well, depressing. I know we won, but I didn’t half feel lousy coming back. Thankfully, Dicky Guy saved me from hitting the bottle big time tonight. (2) There was this pigeon in the City goalmouth in the second half which just sat there and pecked away. I kid you not, it hardly moved. I understand TB was considering signing it up for the reserves tomorrow. (3) After Stuart “ooooh, he’s got lovely thighs” Pearce got dismissed, he decided to take residence in the mild mannered main stand. There is no truth to the rumour that Mr C.R Koppout crapped himself.

SW19’s ARMY – meeja whore: Got my mug on HTV in Wales, when being asked what I thought of Hammam. I await the court action. Also ended up supporting (inbetween snap shooting which annoyed the stewards) a big blue “Show Me The Way To Plough Lane” banner at the front. Which got on telly. Which was nice.

Anything else? Yeah. Join the Dons Trust.

So, was it worth it? At the moment, I am taking any sort of crumb of comfort I can get.

In a nutshell: The battle continues


Now, I’ve got no idea whether any of this ended up on telly, but there was an impromptu protest in the ground/directors entrance. Point made, etc etc. It’s clear to me that WFC are fast losing whatever friends they ever had over this.

Anyway, WFC now have two new lines of attack. The first is that planning around Plough Lane is impossible, which is funnily enough totally contradictory to what everyone else is saying. Hmm. As usual, WFC are resorting to taking quotes out of context to try and support their obscenely flimsy arguments for murdering us, and as usual everyone can see through them. However, the club have managed to surpass even themselves – they are having to resort to using quotes from Sam Hammam to justify their stance. Are WFC really that thick? Nobody believes Hammam any more than they believe Koppout these days. If it wasn’t for the fact that this whole affair is stressing us all out to the point of serious damage I would honestly laugh at all this. Fuck me.

The second line of attack is from Koppout himself. He’s given up on admin and is now threatening to close WFC down if he doesn’t get to kill football. Well come on and try it then. Nobody takes his idle threats seriously anyway – firstly, Koppout is as dishonest as the day is long, he’s proven that (and funnily enough has never sued anyone for calling him a liar). Secondly, on the very rare occasion that he may actually be telling the truth, he wouldn’t get far anyway. Koppout’s, ahem, friends at the FL can spot any such maniac behaviour a mile off, and the thought of Koppout swivelling on something other than Peter Wankelmann’s rancid cock is a sight for the sorest of sore eyes. While I have to be careful here, I do wonder if Koppout actually has the bottle to do it. Given the way he’s bottled everything else, I wouldn’t put my car on it…