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The Ron Noades derby

wfc_cpfc_2k2_1 All right, as far as local derbies go, Tenants 1 Tenants 1 may not quite be on the same scale as Celtic vs Rangers, but it was nice for once just to forget the off-field shit for a while and concentrate on hostilities. And for about 80 odd minutes we did, with Damo netting after 10 mins, though to be fair we didn’t really push home any advantage. When Palace equalised, you probably weren’t that surprised. I wasn’t. DC missed some absolute sitters, so did Akenbyie or whatever his name is. And, er, that was basically it. It wasn’t really awe-inspiring was it? With the amount of people wearing DT rugby shirts (not really a rugger shirt wearer meself, though they do look nice), maybe watching the 6 Nations would have been a better bet. Unless you’re Irish. Anyway, onto the stuff you’ve kept awake for until now :

Plus points: Well at least we didn’t lose. And we did score a goal, which was pleasant.

Tramadol Buy Online Uk Minus points: Threw it away, basically. Stopped playing direct, started to fuck about with it. E. Nuff zed. The referee’s a…….: Alcock by name Alcock by nature. Expertly described thus – “Alcock is ruining this game”, especially after Hughes got maliciously assaulted and raped tackled strongly and had to depart. No wonder Di Canio pushed him over.

Woking watch: The man who should really lay off the vodka is now fine and well and sticking to lager. He has asked me to take down the pic and description of him, but I will only do so after everyone has looked at it. Only another 13 billion people to go…. Strokes of luck: Me finding a £2 coin on the floor in the Holmesdale.

Song Sung Blue: Plenty of good ones today : From us to them, the wit kept flowing. “You’re just a bunch of squatters”, “Your mum sells lavender”, “You may as well go home” at 1-0 up (oops), “Ron Noades is your landlord”, all good stuff. What did they reply with? Well, they tried to do a pro-MK chant or two, half hearted and actually quite dumb. It doesn’t work and we all know that Jordan will uproot Palace to Cornwall if he can’t get SP or Gatwick. Oh, and when we did keep-ball, they charmingly retorted “You’re gonna get your fucking heads kicked in”. Croydon humour, can’t beat it can you?

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Quotes: Erm, I can’t actually think of any. Oh yeah, I have been likened to Johnny Cash because of my preferred colour of clothing. I have since seen my doctor about my ring of fire. Palace fans: Lots of them, predictably (if there weren’t, they would get chronically slaughtered). Pretty quiet for most of it, living up to their claims it’s like one of their home games, except of course when we started playing keep-ball. Honestly, why does it take meek old us to get them going? Did they kick anyone’s heads in BTW? Or were they more hoping to anally penetrate some of us?

Tramadol Pills Online Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) I was nearly turned away today because of my ST. Basically, although I have a Holmesdale seat, and never had any such troubles before, my book for some reason says Stephenson. Anyway, the jobsworth got stroppy and took much convincing before she let me in. Cow. Yet another reason to nuke that site. (2) The Japanese film crew looking around for hoolies before the game. There is no truth that the editor tried to yell “You Dons” very loudly into the mic in front of a few coppers in order to boost our position in the Fans Foul Play league. Honest. (3) The Jumbotron was finally showing times and the action in play. Presumably because it was Palace playing. Anyway, needless to say you all saw who – or rather, what – came on screen three minutes before half time. He looked slightly embarrased, and the fat nazi twat hid away. Not to mention the abuse he got. I thought showing horrible incidents wasn’t allowed on football ground jumbotrons? And leading us on nicely to the [insert derogatory comment here] Yarpie: His club stripping exploits have been detailed elsewhere, we all know what we think. Transpires that because of his Panel bribing exploits (which he STILL fucked up), every FL team has to pay £10k. That is going to really go down well with the other 71 clubs isn’t it? And if you happen to be a club like Hull, or Bury, or Halifax, or any other club in trouble, I wonder how finding out that you’ve got to pay the inbred called Charles Koppel £10k just to line his own pocket? Let’s hope that a full EGM is called, and the mention that each club has to pay £10k just to get this far…..

As for Koppout himself, we all knew he turned up and we all knew he looked like he got caught in an 8 year old boy when the cameras went on him. Well, at 2.10pm, he walked very gingerly down the main stand, obviously with nobody in sight, looking pensive. Do not be fooled any longer about his swave, cool exterior (as if you ever were) – the guy is SCARED. He is clearly under so much self-induced stress that he now cannot make any decision properly, witness his current moves and official press releases. If he was an animal, he would seriously have been put down by now. Sadly, he’s officially registered as a human being, and we don’t have euthenasia yet, so we’ll just have to put up with him for a little while yet. Still, look on the bright side, the guy will be under mental stress for the rest of his life, and at least one of us will attempt to make his life a misery for the rest of his life if he isn’t (not a threat, promise or even guarantee, just cold hard fact). I am fully aware that I shouldn’t wish ill on people, but this IS Koppout and I really hope the guy suffers each and every day in the worst possible way whatever happens from now on. Vindictive, moi?

Bit of football talk for once: KD’s catching is better. Considering that he couldn’t have caught HIV from a frat party involving Koppout, Wankelmann, J King, Jamie Theakeston and Michael Barrymore a few months ago, this is definite progress.

Anything else? Yeah – if the Dons Trust had a quid for every time the term “Landlords and Tenants” is mentioned in WFC/CPFC games, how long would it be before they could buy out the club at Hammam’s price of asking?

So, was it worth it? Good question In a nutshell: Do you honestly really care ATM?