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No Red Jacket required


Right, you may have to forgive the somewhat patchy writeup of Lyons 0 Starbucks 1 today, as I decided to spend most of last night in a Wimbledon pub. Needless to say that alcohol doesn’t exactly help your memory, and the notes I did write down would win a Booker Prize for sheer weirdness. Anyway …… we ended the barren run of not scoring/winning/playing at all well with a somewhat professional performance. Although honours were fairly even in the first half, Coopers goal was something nice. Many thought that it didn’t go in, hence the delayed celebrations. Some still don’t. Second half, Millwall were, well, ordinary. If DC could get some confidence back..

And now…

Plus points: We won. Without conceding a goal. Solid performance by all concerned.

Minus points: As said before, if only DC’s confidence was better.

The referee’s a……… : Wasn’t bad as it goes, refereed in a fair and honest manner. Relatively speaking.

Woking watch: Was seen giving (that’s giving) a half-pint of lager away. Guess he really has learnt his lesson. Anyway, WW will now be suspended until he decides to single handedly drink the entire vodka output of a small ex-Soviet country again.

Quotes: (1) “Five minutes to showtime” – Millwall PA just before kickoff. I know it’s supposed to signify something glitzy and showbussinessy (?) but I’m sure most people know that intro from boxing matches. And they say that the pugilist mentality doesn’t exist in SE15 anymore. (2) “I hate Norwegians like Koppel” – female womble who is best remaining nameless 🙂 For some reason, she has threatened to kill me if I published that quote. Hey, what’s so wrong with hating Koppout?

I’ve got a song to sing, and it’s for yooooou: So, let’s examine the harmonies concocted yesterday, shall we? We were heard on the radio BTW. Usual anti-Koppout stuff gave its much welcomed airing. Add “Shall we throw a coin for you”, “You all live in a dirty tower block”, “Your dad is on parole” to the biting wit from us to them. The Wall? Well, they did give us “Where the fuck is Milton Keynes”, which I presume was trying to be funny or satirical but just turned out to be plain stupid.

[SW19 note, November 2016 – if you’re reading this from this date onwards, I’ve reformatted this to stop you getting as much of a headache as RJM got originally…]

The ultimate Truth is stranger than fiction: You’ve all read it by now, but it’s worth repeating again as it really is the ultimate “fuck me did that really happen?” moment.

Basically, a Womble in a red puffa jacket, who I certainly have seen at plenty of WFC games, was singled out by the Wall fans for much abuse. Needless to say, he rose to it.

About 20 mins before the end, the stewards slung him out (not before he blew kisses to the Wall fans). In what has to be the singularly most stupidest moment in the history of the world apart from the creation of Charles Koppout, he then worked his way directly into where all the Millwall fans who were giving him grief.

Pinching yourself? I certainly am.

Reportedly, he had a bottle with him, went to “see a couple of Millwall fans”, then apparently taunted the Wall mob by calling them “bottle jobs” and threatening to fight them all.

Oh dear.

You can probably guess that all 30 of the Wall mob laid into him, and it has to be said, it was a little bit frightening. Mind you, I think it was a case of 2-3 Wall laying into him and the other mob members laying into the other mob members who were trying to lay into him.

The stewards stood back (do you actually blame them?) before the coppers rescued him then arrested him. Somehow, I think we’ll never see him again, the court order may be for his own protection.

And in case anyone is wondering, I believe I have a bit of an SP on him. Could be wrong, but his name is Sam, he’s about 17 or 18, he might come from somewhere in deepest East London (Tower Hamlets?) and was once slung out of Sheff Weds for carrying an airhorn in the ground and trying to deck a steward. Nice to see that we’re now breeding nutters again.

Speaking of nutters, what about Koppout? Probably there, didn’t see him. Didn’t want to see him, come to think of it. Do you think he owns a red jacket? Here’s hoping.

To further cheer you up: We apparently took more to the Den than Palace did.

So, was it worth it? Compared to the Watford game, yes.

In a nutshell: A win on the field is always nice.