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Bloody hell, I’ve forgotten how you do these. Let’s think. Oh yeah – Leatherhead 2 Giving Head 0 it finished, and we STILL can’t stop losing. One day. One day. Ahem. Anyway, until such time as I can actually recognise any of our players, I’ll give a brief rundown of the game. We started off a bit shaky, but got back into it. We managed to get a penalty which was subsequently missed (and my camera ran out of power, cueing much swearing in front of some 8 year olds). Second half saw us put wide AND high from about 3 yards out, they got stronger, we conceded an own goal then another poor defensive one. And we lost. And we cursed our fitness big time. As I said, one day, one bloody day….

Moving on….

Plus points: It’s coming together. Players seem to recognise each other now. Good strong tackling. Crossing looked good.

Minus points: Failing to score. Should really have been 3-0 up. Penalty was shite. Fitness ain’t that good

Nice: Leatherhead. One of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been to. Quaint town centre, nice cup of tea from the Leatherhead Deli in the main street, even if it did take them about 45 years to brew it

Not so nice: Getting wet. This is real football though.

Boxing clever: Darran Langley lost in the last round 27-25, but now has the silver medal. He was clearly too defensive in the latter stages, and seemed to forget the basic rule in amateur boxing that you win bouts by points and points by punching. Still, he’s the current ABA and Four Nations champion and I’m not, so I’d best hide the next time he comes a calling

Quotes: (1) “Leatherhead’s green reminds me of the colour of the felt tips we use at work” – the Cannock branch. Urm. (2) “David Fry doesn’t half look like Shaggy” – the Cannock branch again. No idea whether he meant the fictional cartoon character renounded for talking weirdly or Scooby-Doo’s mate.

Spotted: Current Celsi employee, David Barnard and young (reasonably attractive) female, both wearing AFCW garb.

Chants would be a fine thing: Bit of banter between those behind the goal and those of us sensible enough to be on the side. And isn’t singing the Champagne Song at Leatherhead just a tad ironic?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The bungy jumping thing in the centre of Leatherhead high street. Seriously stomach turning. Apparently, I’m told that bungy jumping has the same feelings of euphoria as a good wank orgasm. If that’s so, why do some people prefer jumping off a crane?? (2) Side stand at Leatherhead shaped in a very similar manner to Molineux, insofar as you are about about 3 acres away from the pitch. Those ever gone to Wolves will know what I mean. (3) Watching some of the game from a glass box which doubled up as the club bar. One thing never changes, watching the game from such luxurious settings really does kill the atmosphere. (4) Why were there two grown men wearing Liverpool shirts there today?

Question: Am I the only person who likes Leatherhead’s colours?

Franchise FC watch: They had their game at Sarfehnd moved today to their training ground instead of Roots Hall. Apparently, it was “hastily arranged”, which means that they had a last minute change of pants plan. Why did they do it? Fuck knows.

But it proves yet again what we already know. Franchise FC (Milton Keynes division) is scared. Se-cuh-ayre-duh with a capital “S”. Apparently only FIVE MKFC fans turned up for Barnet and I seriously doubt if many more would have bothered today. Obviously the protests at Carshalton, Swindon and Barnet really affected their psyche. They must clearly be in panic stations if they’re now telling other clubs to move their games. Next week for Gillingham will certainly be fun. For us, anyway.

Anything else? Not really, would be nice to win once in a while I suppose.

So, was it worth it? Well, we got to see Leatherhead 🙂

In a nutshell: Slowly but surely……