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Even the close season doesn’t stop SW19 from sticking its €0.02 in at times….

Firstly, and to cheer the nostalgic freeks of this site up, the SW19 End Of Season Poll is now upon us. After taking a sabbathical last season due to the brutal rape and murder of WFC by a mentally disturbed yarpie and a bent 3 Man Commission, it’s back and still as clumsy as ever. Plus ca change. Follow the link here or on the front page.

Secondly, I and about 200 other souls braved rain, wind and having to be in South Croydon watching Netherne play AFCW. Can’t be arsed to do an SW19 style report, I wasn’t taking notes, but we lost 4-3 in a testimonial style game. Though thankfully, unlike most other testimonials I’ve been to, some players put in some effort. I wasn’t going to comment on the behaviour of two certain Wombles, though some people really should not touch alcohol at all. My ears are still ringing and I don’t think my sensibilities have quite recovered as well. Those there will know who I’m referring to. I still have the tape.

Thirdly, Franchise bashing is always a good way of filling up column inches. To say they have been sodomised senseless without any vaseline is an understatement. Within the last week, they have had Charlton, Spurz and Luton pull out of friendlies. In addition, they also have the indignation of being stripped of Wandle The Womble very publicly, which must surely hasten the name change that we all know they have to do. Some of Franchise’s statements have basically blamed WISA for it all, which whilst we (speaking as a WISA committee member, no don’t ask me how I managed to get elected for a second year) are obviously flattered by this doesn’t exactly tie in with the truth. For once WISA hasn’t done much on this score. It seems like Franchise have surpassed themselves with their legendary siege mentality, the insults by them are getting more petty by the day and I’m waiting for the explosion and fallout. Besides, there are porno mags aimed at hetro males with less cunts in them than the people running Franchise, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

Finally, the guestbook is working again.

More later.