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More Ash

Published by Cheap Tramadol Next Day Delivery REPD on 5 December 2003

If we could score as Jordan on a bad night out we would muller some of these sides, we won…just, and it finished a mighty leslie ASH 0 DONna air 1 (that took me ages to think of and it isn’t funny). Impressively 850 odd turned up for an away tie in our fifth competition of the season tie to brave the ice biting cold(and Labour think they can ‘spin’ well).

Within 5 minutes we could have had 2 goals with Ash and Gav both missing the preverbial (big word) sitters, on that I though Gav looked pretty good up front – despite his finishing. He also provided one of the many comedy bookings of the night for, well I dont know what for. The ref was dreadful…truly dreadful – he booked Seb for having the nerve to be tripped up by an Ash player and gave us a corner after a Danny shot that went no where near an Ash player, the ref was son bad that he was referred to as “a testicles testicle” by the Ash manager.

Anyway the cold soon set in and I have forgotten everything else that happened in the first half except for thinking why does Seb have to call every player by sirname “Bolger..Bolger..behind you”. Second half now and I can barely feel my fingers so I spend a few minutes being a WBA fan and being served tea by the new teaboy Ivor, also that new kid thing in the corner is a f~*!ing awful idea, why put it right where all the ‘rowdier’ people go and have gone for a season and a bit and ever stupider why leave it when there are no kids in it – Wankleman type thinking that (come to think of it Kris has being growing his hair long, curly and greasy recently, mmmm. We missed f*!K loads of chances until Ryan Gray popped up with a nice finish after good work by Coops down the left. To sum up my hands are cold, Im cold and Im going to Leicester – Arsenal on Saturday so wont have to see that cr*p again, ha-ha as Nelson would say. Dunno, when Rob is back but until then a low standard of journalism continues, see ya!

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