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Emo-tional times Published by Cheap Ambien Online Overnight Delivery REPD on Buy Ambien Cr Generic 13 February 2004

Order Ambien Cr It would all have to happen on Friday the 13th. TE has been “suspended” (according to the OS) “pending a formal disciplinary meeting”, and don’t expect any further comments until after the meeting is held. Nicky English is taking over for now, pending this suspension.

The big question is why? Well, it depends what this “disciplinary” is. The only thing I can think of is the Colne fiasco which might have indited TE in a massive way, though unless AFCW have had an official preview of what the FA said about it, the timing is rather odd. If it’s for any other reason, I will start to wonder just what the hell is going on behind the AFCW scenes.

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Ordering Ambien More questions are coming out. Was TE really suspended or is it a smokescreen for being pushed? If you’ve been paying attention, there have been some incidents lately that have suggested that all wasn’t hunky dory at das Volkstadion. Anne Eames’ DT election-then-stepping-down might start making a bit more sense now, and remember TE’s broadside at W&WW? Coincidence? We’ll obviously have to wait and see when the truth will out, assuming it ever does come out.

Zolpidem Uk Buy Online Interestingly, it appears Anne Eames has gone and claimed that TE was in fact sacked, which if true would totally undermine the OS statement. And that would spell bad news for the board, whose credibility would be shattered – TE is/was one of the most popular people at AFCW, his record on the pitch (which is where it matters most) was pretty good, especially this season. It’s fair to say he’s probably the most all-round liked manager of Wimbledon for a long time, certainly since Harry Bassett. Managers at Wimbledon generally tend to get the support and benefits of the doubt more than anyone else. A sacking would then show that the board issued the statement to cover its own arse, or if you prefer try and deflect attention away from a dismissal. And we all know what happens to supporters of our club who feel the board lie to them don’t we? Couple of other things. On past form TE is not the sort of person to hold back what he thinks, even when he was the manager, and if he feels he’s been wronged, he won’t keep quiet for long. Unless part of his suspension involves a gagging order, although gagging orders don’t usually last forever. Especially not with him.

AE’s comments about sacking could ensure that TE doesn’t come back anyway : god knows where this will end up, but either AE has made a hasty, ill judged comment or things are that strained between the Eames and the top brass at AFCW. The club say they can’t make comments about it under employment law – and being a legal lightweight I can appreciate that – though their hand might be forced in all of this

Buy Zolpidem Cheap The only other thing I’ve heard is that it’s about money : getting rid of some staff without telling the board in order to boost up the squad, or something like that anyway. Sounds trivial, though having been through a similar situation myself once it does put a massive wedge between you and your bosses when you do that. But is that worthy of a suspension?

The concensus from just about everyone is “wait for the facts”, and before the over-sensitive brigade get on my back about what I’ve written above, it is pure speculation at this point. And yes, I know I shouldn’t speculate but you come here for me to pontificate 🙂 But it does show that all is not well at AFCW, and the euphoria and honeymoon period of AFCW is well and truly over. We have, in a nutshell, now succumbed to the inevitable and become another football club. Lovely feeling isn’t it? Speaking of other football clubs, and further guaranteed to ruin your day, appears that Franchise, or rather Asda, have got the permission from Prescott to build their giant megastore with petrol station, cafeteria, clothing section and recycling facilities football stadium. I would like to say I’m shocked and saddened, but the thing is, I’m not. The way this whole thing has gone, it’s been one sneaky little stitch up after another. Firstly the way that Koppout was allowed to go all the way up to the 3-man commission without calling an FL EGM. Then 28/5/02. Then those shifty little jism guzzlers at MK Council. And now, a fat cunt with more Jags and homes than your average football club chairman, who in true New Labour style rolls over and allows his bollocks to be tickled at the first sniff of money. I would like to offer a sarcastic, sophisticated response to that, but I’d rather call them all wankers and hope that it burns down, and they all get HIV or something and die a horrible and painful death. Preferably on video so I can tape it and have a good laugh. Thank god I’m unattached, Valentine’s Day tomorrow would otherwise be more hell than usual for some poor bird….. Ambien Mastercard Purchase Zolpidem Tartrate