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Field day

God, do I really have to write about Wanking 3 Woking 0? Suffice to say, I didn’t bother taking any photos and my notepad has the entire first half scribbled thus : “First half so non-descript I didn’t write anything”. It was 0-0 by the way. We went 2-0 up when I was still in the bar trying to numb the cold through Guinness keep warm, so all I can tell you on that score is that Paul Scott scored the first and Steve Gibson scored the second, though I was told when I re-entered that it was direct from a corner and that Danny O caused GBH on the goalie. Probably. Thanks to a penalty by Ryan Gray that was cleared effortlessly over the bar, and him making amends by doing the same thanks to a KC cross (thankfully only 3 yards out, though same trajectory) we went 3-0 up and put our goal difference to +100. And that was that.

Plus points? Minus points? Truth? Ah, can’t be bothered this time, suffice to say that our shooting is on a par with Anne Winterton’s judgement, the referee was so anonymous that I can’t write much about him, we still look three classes above everyone else, there was 2100 odd people there, it was a pretty boring game and the burgers tasted nice and the chips didn’t. And I met a couple of SW19 readers who I had never met before. Salutations. That OK for today? Oh, all right, it was bloody cold as well.

Normal service will be resumed Saturday