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Treble top


By scientific calculations, we only need something like 6 wins and a draw to become champions. And if Home of Darts 1 Home of Merton Parkas 3 is anything to go by, it can’t come soon enough. If I’m really being honest, the intellectual rigourous debates about religion, credit cards and certain car parks to be avoided (or not) was more interesting than the actual game. And here is the trouble. I didn’t actually know that yesterday’s game was on until last Saturday, when somebody told me it was on. I think lethargy and complacency has set in, and even so we still end up winners. It may sound Willy Sizeable Scrotum to complain about a 50 game winning streak, but even a Good Thing like stuffing all in sight can get a bit, well, much.

And no, this lethargy isn’t down to me being late with the update. So, we went 1-0 up thanks to a seriously nice shot by Gav Bolger. We’re talking edge of area stuff here. Or at least I think it was, knowing my vantage point it was probably a tap-in. Then, in keeping with AFCW 2004, we went to sleep, thinking we’d sown up the game, they came back and it was 1-1. This was after 5 minutes. Sadly the match didn’t become a free-flowing exhibition of the beautiful game that we so love and cherish. In fact, it was more of a turgid pile of shit. Well, it probably wasn’t, but as the pitch looked like something even Wallingford would have turned their yokel noses up at, it wasn’t going to be a classic. We went 2-1 ahead thanks to a pretty bloody good run by Sully, slotting it at the by-line for Dobo to net. And I suppose that really was that, although in the second half KC netted via a good old fashioned load of idiots trying to clear or kick it and failing scramble.

Got that? Good, I’ll be asking questions later. Meanwhile…

Plus points: Well, we won I suppose. Gav’s goal sublime.

Minus points: Defence still shit.

The referee’s a…..: Did he do much? Not too many calling for him to be sent the same way as a Bromley safety officer, so I suppose he did OK.

Them: Nice enough people as it goes, they had stewards with radios. Well, OK, it was Camberley Town’s yellow jacket brigade, but still.

PCC Cup (boxing division) update: Two things. Firstly, the guy who collapsed at Bromley died yesterday morning. Not a particularly pleasant way to go, though I suppose most of us would be happy to pop our clogs at a game. Either that or die shagging. Secondly, rumours abound about where the replay will be. I doubt if it’ll be at Bromley somehow. Credible rumours have included Sutton, Whyteleafe, T&M and – wait for it – Shitehurst. None of those would bother me, and I’m perverse enough to want to go back to SE25. The CCL are meeting tonight, so by the time you read this at work on Thursday, it might have been decided.

Point to ponder: If this game was moved to Camberley for better facilities, what must Frimley’s ground be like?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Outside the ground, there was a chippy. It served some of the nicest saveloy and chips I have ever tasted anywhere, let alone at a sports venue. (2) Patrons of the bar being asked to leave an hour before kickoff (that’s the kickoff on the pitch, not the Coney Hall type kickoff), enter the ground and resume their drinking in said bar after they entered. Now, who could argue with that logic? (3) Patrons of the bar being served a wide selection of Selhurst-issue Carlsberg plastic bottles or Pepsi. And that’s it. Reportedly, Camberley had a bit of grief with the brewery so decided to nip down to the local Makro and nab as many cheap bottles of decent stuff as they could. Also, the pubs in Camberley were closed. Our reputation preceeds us…

Question: Who scored our second goal? I know the answer, but I did say up the top I would be asking questions later….

Anything else? Dunno. Must say, I really don’t like the unlit bits of the M3 at night

So, was it worth it? Well, yes, in a loyal sort of way. Honestly thought we were going to come a cropper though. I can feel it in my water.

In a nutshell: So, when do we become champions?