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Buzz off

Pre season continues, and the expected stuffing actually turned into a credit worthy Bees 2 Bluebottles 0. Credit worthy because it did show that we were capable of holding our own. Despite not recognising most of our new players – and just as I had started to recognise our old ones – it looked pretty much a team starting to click. In many ways, this reminded me a bit of the Dorchester PSF last season. A higher team and matching them. Obviously, then we stuffed the West Country side, but the signs are there for another promising season.

The game itself? It was a PSF but it looked good. OK, their goals were a mixture of static defending and a good second goal but the promise is there. We could have got a couple ourselves, and the mood at the end was positive.


Plus points: Matching for the most part a side FIVE divisions above us. Fitness clearly not a problem even at this early stage – and people still get uppity at DA’s fitness regime? Looking far better when Jamie Taylor and Jones B came on. Kept pressing forward even at 2-0 down. Naisbitt looked good, despite his new nickname of Rab C.

Minus points: Losing. Not scoring. To quote the bloke behind me, we had as much penetration as a miniscule cock. Defence looked static at their first goal. Set pieces utter shite.

The referee’s a…….: Disallowed our goal for no apparent reason. Typical League ref, always giving decisions against the plucky underdogs (that’s us, by the way).

Them: Apparently, it was a very strong side of theirs, even with John Salako playing. So on that score we did even more brilliantly. Obviously, being highly trained professionals they should have beaten us. Even included a couple of internationals, like Deon Burton. Transpires that a few Brentford fans thought we were very good.

Song Sung Blue: Some gooduns last night. Try “You’re supposed to be at home” and “What division are you in?” to the home fans. They didn’t answer, perhaps they didn’t get our sophisticated, ironic verses. Either that or they’re miserable bastards. The will-he-go-won’t-he-go Danny Oakins got a “Don’t sign for Aldershot” song (he won’t be, apparently). When he went off he clapped us. Symbolic? Oh, and the Ole-type cries when we were 2-0 down on 70 minutes whenever we touched the ball must surely rank on the higher scale of post-modern ironic footballing wit.

Point to ponder: Just why did Brentford insist on calling us Wimbledon FC? I know the argument for/against dropping the AFC prefix can get a bit heated at times, and personally I think we should keep it at all costs, but I did find it strange and if I’m being honest it did feel like we were being referred to as Franchise. Others seemed to like it though….

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) How weird was it that last time we were at Griffin Park, we had just found out about MK, the Lebanese Hamas Funder was acting like an arse in a pub and we spent most of the time yelling blue murder and/or turning our backs on the game? (2) Didn’t the planes remind you of Bedfont? Incidentally, Griffin Park is home to Britain’s biggest advertising hoarding. (3) How loud were we? (4) Them playing the Liquidator on the PA at half time – you’re supposed to ape Chelski on the pitch, not off it.

Franchise watch: So, their big game at the NHS against Leicester, guaranteed sellout against recently relegated Premier opposition who aren’t that far away and they got……….. 1,579. Yes, 1,579. I think we got more for that at Sandhurst away last season. If there is any passing Frenzy, I would like to say that your team is shit. Your club is shit. Your chairman is shit. You are shit. Your club is a fucking embarrasment to the football community. You are the smelly unlikeable little rat boy whose only contribution to the whole world ever is by shitting everywhere. Look at us getting 2,562, yes, the pub team of deserters getting 2,562. I would invite you to suck our collective dick but you’d enjoy it because it means somebody giving a shit about your remote little poxy existance. Please kill yourself, very quickly and with as less fuss and mess as possible. You whine enough as it is, and we’re not interested in hearing your cries of mock pain and phony persecution. And you lost 4-2.

Hello mum: Special greetings to the following people who asked nicely if they could be mentioned. So, hello to Sam “The Don” Elliott who just wanted a mention. And also to Jason “Baskers” Baskaran (hope I spelt your surname right) and Matt Lock, who were both arguing over the ownership of the phrase “Mrs Pollard is a slut”. I think that’s an in-joke. And finally, many thanks to the very lovely SK of WUP’s “Ask SK” fame, for letting me under her umbrella for the second half. And her loving hubby who didn’t complain…..

Anything else? Yeah. Why were there adverts for the Met Police’s Domestic Violence campaign in the men’s toilets?

So, was it worth it? Probably. At least we got half the gate receipts

In a nutshell: Maybe this fixture will be a regular one in a few years time…