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The run continues, though like last week Hurry Up Harry 3 Hersham Boys 1 was a little bit more laboured than necessary. While it wasn’t nearly like Horsham, you could have been forgiven for thinking that the pressure of keeping the run going is getting to the players a bit. And it started off pretty badly when for reasons unknown, the ref gave a penalty to them. Duly dispatched, 1-0 to them, cue much gnashing of teeth. So, as sure as night follows day, we went up a gear. Using his strength, the not-so-much maligned Richard Butler rounded the goalie, and slotted home in a way that Terry Gibson could never do. 1-1 and that’s how it stayed till half time. Second half? Well, after a fair bit of pressure, a cross into the box saw the not-so-much maligned Richard Butler bundled off ball. Even the stupid bint (see below) saw it and pointed to the spot.

To prove the confidence of Robert Ursell, he took the penalty. Goalkeeper saved it. Bounced back to RU, who trapped it, then slotted it home with as much effort as a British Olympian swimmer. 2-1 and from then, it was just ours. It was wrapped up with a sublime goal by the still puffing Joe Sheerin, who somehow lobbed from outside the box with three defenders on him. Not in the Ursell vs Barnet class but I bet plenty will be busting Dons Online’s bandwidth to see it.

Got that? Good…

Plus points: A win. Three goals. Tenacity. Kept going forward even when the game was won. The much maligned Richard Butler being downgraded in the hatred stakes – even gets his own chant now.

Minus points: Richard Butler going off after being kicked. Kept giving the ball away. Conceding the goal.

The referee’s a….. : She was female, and was a completely dumb bitch. OK, that’s a bit unfair – probably – but she really didn’t have that much control of the game, kept missing free kicks etc and even got the comatose Main Stand out of their slumber to chant “You don’t know what you’re doing”. She also blew at inopportune moments, which at least makes going out on a date with her enjoyable if a little risky. More importantly, she was quite cute, bit of a stick insect with a sizeable arse though. She did rub their goalie a little bit when she gave our penalty. Of more concern was the fact that one of the linos was from Milton Keynes…..

Them: As a club, Wimbledon has a lot to be thankful for the very existance of W&H. Allan Batsford (guest of honour and quite rightly so), Dave Bassett, and quite a few others as well shaped the club’s history. The current lot weren’t bad I suppose. They had about 10 or so fans up from the rough bit of Surrey (so rough they only have 2 Mercedes in the drive) and made a noise when they scored. Bless them. Oh, and their shooting was shit.

Roast Pork: Haha, the Met lost. 3-0 I think it was. To Hastings. Victory is ours. Wonder if they’ll be the Ryman equivalent of Paula Radcliffe? Oh, and one of the Met’s finest’s reason for not buying a WUP? Because he did our games at Plough Lane….

Spotted: Well, sort of. I was informed of two possible sightings of a certain mouthy two-faced Franchise fan (or ex-Franchise fan) who wears glasses and is about 4 ft tall. I think you guessed who it is. One of the WUP sellers was given some pretty choice words by him – “fuck off you cunt” was the exact phrase, without a hint of humour or irony – and somebody else pointed out his sighting. So, I wonder if he was recognised? More to the point, if he was identified correctly, wonder if he got out without much harm?

Point to ponder: Why does JS look so puffed out even with god knows how much fitness training?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Finally, tea available before the game. Tastes good and cheap as well. Yes, it took me two years to realise that Fat Boys is open before the game. Fair Trade can kiss my capitalist arse (2) The chant of “You should have stayed on your line” from us to the W&H goalie after JS’s lob was class. But not as class as “Where were you when Sheerin scored?”. (3) Can I point out to WUP that Tooting and Mitcham has nothing whatsoever in common with Leipzig. The people in the old DDR city can speak better English for a start.

Franchise watch: Chortle. Tee hee. Lost 3-0 to Oldham AND only took 88 (if that) gimps. Reportedly played so poor that even Viking Greenford fans laugh at them in the street. Oh, and am I the only one who finds Talksport’s freudian slip of “Milton Dons Keynes” funny?

Hello mum: So, who was it who said “Nothing wrong with him” to a W&H player before said player turned round to reveal a crimson mask? Clue : it wasn’t me…..

Anything else? Yeah, for the second half I made a little visit to the West Bank to see what the fuss is about.. Two observations. Firstly, it proves that the hAE does need a roof, and if the club ever manages to clear its debt off (next projected date of settlement about 2011 at this rate) should be a priority. Secondly, it’s really quite a crap view isn’t it? Still, the singing wasn’t too bad.

Oh, and one other thing that struck me today, from a conversation with somebody back from holiday and something on the PA – what is the current fascination with Cuba? OK, I know that Che Guevara film is out, their amateur boxing is pretty good, Castro’s about to croak it and the Yanks have probably been in league with him for ages but…….. Surely if you want to go anywhere hostile with miserable living conditions, a desolute population, a corrupt and subservient press and the place’s dictator being a strange looking man with advanced delusion, you might as well go to Milton Keynes.

So, was it worth it? Guess so

In a nutshell: If the kids are united…