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Ford Escort

The best way I can describe Ford 0 Nissan 3 is that it was like playing a computer game you’re crap at, switching the difficulty level back to “easy” and perform an arsewhipping. Really, this was CCL/Ryman One revisited, right down to the small crowd. And my motivation to write about it 🙂

The goals first : SS headed practically unmarked from a cross, then Barry Moore shot to make it 2-0. After good work by RB, to boot. Then SS shot from outside the box. All in the first half. And that is more than enough to describe the actual game.

We really did take our foot off the proverbial gas after that. Quite simply, Redbridge were utter shite, except even they managed to find some holes in our defence. Though I get the feeling that we won’t be playing them next season as they look like relegation fodder already.

One thing I hope this game doesn’t do is lull us into a false sense of security. If we play like we did last night against the likes of Fi$her, H&R etc, you can forget seeing 3-0 scorelines in our favour. It does seem that we’ll probably win most of our games against the bottom half teams, and will put in Worthing-like performances against the others. I think that’s the form of teams often called “mid table”.


Plus points: Won. Away. Clean sheet. Might install some confidence back

Minus points: Second half as entertaining as the Premiershit. Defence still parts like the Red Sea.

The referee’s a…..: I have no notes written down about him whatsoever. Christ, this game was even more non-descript than I first thought.

Them: Like their parent company’s cars, they fell to pieces after about 30 minutes. Nice enough bar (curiously like most East London/Essex teams), good tasting Guinness as well (even the extra cold stuff). Better than the KM stuff anyway. Their #9 has the nickname of “Lucky”. Can’t see why, he looks nothing like the dog* in those extremely shite “More Than” adverts

* – incidentally, said mutt recently died of cancer. All together now :”that’s not very lucky”…..

Crowded house: Looks like the general boredom with football has hit us as well. This is one of the the easiest away journeys (if you live in London that is) and yet only 500 turned out. Is that the worst turnout of the club’s history? Certainly since CCL days anyway. OK, it’s an evening game, and there’s something deeply uninspiring about the whole AFCW experience right now. It’s been suggested that people are “AFCed out”, certainly there’s a slight chore feel to games at the moment. Be honest, how long has it been since people were gearing themselves up for games? Probably Folkestone, and the cup final. Looks like we’ll need to do somebody like H&R just to get us going again.

Point to ponder: Is it me or does Dave Sargent look slower than a broken down Ford Capri?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Price list in the programme for the refreshments. Didn’t look bad prices, either. Told they tasted nice as well. (2) Robert Doisneau pictures in the clubhouse. Makes a change from team photos on the wall. (3) Being offered crab sticks by some harrassed looking woman. Didn’t think she was too impressed with what she was being asked to serve up. Don’t think the crab was particularly enthusiastic either.

Anything else? Yeah. Spurz lost in the last minute to Grimsby in the Milk Littlebugs Cocaine Worthless Carling Cup. Those of you who have ever done a trip to Grimsby, especially at night, will no doubt sympathise with the Spurz fans and their awfully long fifty-miles-off-the-motorway-turnoff journey. Especially when they lost in the last minute. To a League Two side. With Jermaine Defoe and Robbie Keane up front. In the tournament with their best chance of Euro football next season. Yup, you’ll sympathise…

So, was it worth it? Suppose so. Those in the bar watching the Spurz game for the second half made the best choice though.

In a nutshell: Back to reality on Saturday.