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I can see clearly now

If pictures could tell a thousand words, then this could explain everything. As it was though, there was something seriously farcical about Nissan 5 Ford 0. Even if the fog/bonfire hadn’t conspired to delay the game at least once, I cannot recall a game so easy as this one. This was CCL revisited.

The game isn’t really worth writing about too much (especially as the bar prevented me from seeing two of the goals), but after Chelmsford, it was a nice evening out. Just imagine setting your computer game of FIFA 2006 to “dead easy” level, pick MK Dungs as your oppo and stuff them 100-0.

But instead, let’s concentrate on the fog. It was a little bit misty in the first half, though certainly no worse than it was Monday night. As I entered in for the second half, it was a helluva lot more foggy. However, you can imagine my surprise when I was told that it had actually lifted.

Anyway, it got heavier and heavier, not entirely helped by a few bonfires being lit. As the pics show, it got so farcical that after 20 minutes, the ref called everyone into the centre circle. Game over, looks like we’ll have to do a replay. Or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when we continued…

Oh yeah, and they had a man sent off. Bet they wished they’d never came.

All the more for that….

Plus points: Pretty easy win TBH. MC Harvey played well.

Minus points: Weather.

The referee’s a…..: Refs normally get all abuse they deserve. This one didn’t, made a very brave (and ultimately correct) decision in suspending the game as opposed to abandoning it. Top marks. Having said all that, I expect his next game for us will see three players from us sent off for breaking wind, and 15 dubious penalties for the other side…

Them: Crap. Lucky to get nil. Whenever they pick up their registration forms for the season, they have to hide it inside a copy of Bondage Babes to hide the embarrasment. Viking Greenford fans laugh at them in the street. Took the grand total of about 30 fans. And to think they were two divisions higher than us last season…

Crowd control: A bit of comment about what I think must have been the lowest league crowd at KM ever. Rather than go into it now, after you’ve finished reading here, go to the menu up the top, click on “Articles” and read my €0.02 worth on the crowd problems. No, I haven’t written a new article – I’ve written two instead. Please read and enjoy. I’ll try not to leave it so long next time.

Music is my radar: The Who playing “I can see for miles” and foghorns a plenty. Nights like this were made for Phillo…

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) I still cannot remember a game ever being suspended for 10 minutes during a match for something like this. Bad injuries, yes, but even then the longest I can recall was a 7 minute gap. And even Hammam cutting the power switch to assist his Malaysian betting syndicate the floodlight failures weren’t quite as weird. (2) Apparently, a Womble left the chippy without paying for his grub. Amazingly, he returned and paid the money he owed. Christ, I think I’d be long gone by then. (3) The amount of people in the bar even before HT. It wasn’t that bad, surely?

Anything else? OK then. I wonder how many people uttered the words “Notts County” yesterday? Though I understand Sheff Utd in the mid 80s had a similar problem with inclement weather. Incidentally, why are we getting so much fog recently? Hadn’t seen any for about the last 5 years.

So, was it worth it? Worth it just to see the adverse weather conditions alone

In a nutshell: Can somebody thing of an ending for me? I haven’t the foggiest…