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Giving them a good Whackem

OK, I’m a bit drained, which is why this report may not be the best you’ll ever read. But even if we now fuck up the playoffs, I can look back at Chelski 0 Loyal Supporters 2 with a little bit of satisfaction. Not so much we’re back in the playoff position, but in the space of three days, two ghosts were laid to rest. We managed to win a “big” game for once on Saturday, and now this.

If anything, this game was harder than ETU : to play at a venue that we haven’t won at since January 1967 apparently, coming back off a good win, and against a team that treated it as their World Cup final.

And perhaps most importantly of all, the team managed to overcome the nerves that we (ie the crowd) collectively showed. Granted, there was loads of singing, but just as many secretly wanting their own toilet cubicle with plenty of Andrex. Even against ETU, when the shit was hitting the fan, the vibes affected the team. Today? There was about one or two semi-brown trouser incidents and that was it.

So, what of the game? Well, if I writing this in my professional capacity, I would say that it was a scrappy game won by the team with the better finishing. But I’m not, so I will say that it was a fucking shit pitch against a bunch of moronic cloggers with a dildo sucker of a referee. That’s what makes this victory so much sweeter.

Once Paul Barnes scored with his bonce, you really couldn’t see us losing. Well, in hindsight you couldn’t, I think at the time we were thinking that they’d equalise with every forward run. Despite one bit in the second half when AL made a good stop – and boy, the W&H striker was soooo looking forward to giving it large for the goal celebration – it really looked a foregone conclusion.

Actually, we really should have got a couple more ourselves. Whether it was the fatigue from two massive games in three days, or the surface, or just one of those things I don’t know, but our second goal was pretty much deserved. Not to mention the subsequent lowering of collective blood pressure. The main thing is that we have to keep creating chances. Do that, and eventually some will be put away.

What we need to do now is have a rest for a couple of days. Hendon next Saturday is now even more massive than today. Lose, and we’re back to panicking with one game left. We’re not actually in the playoffs yet, anything can still go wrong. Of course, if we win….

Plus points: Win. Away. At a graveyard ground for us. Clean sheet. Coped with the “playing” surface brilliantly.

Minus points: Wes and Sohiby (?) injured.

The referee’s a……: Described as “not bad” by an SW19 reader. Described as a “fucking cunt” by everyone else. There will be some who may think that the ref did well by not sending Wes off. A little reminder to those people at the amount of bookings that were ever-so-curiously not given when our players got a size nine (yes, I’m talking about you, #8). I’m sure two players crocked was purely down to our thuggish tactics which resulted in our players fouling their own team mates.

Them: Their players really hate us, apparently. Bless them. At times reminded me of a CCL type team, who huffed, puffed and decided to kick us a bit when they’d lost the battle of skill. Which was about 5 seconds in. Their fans were quiet, funnily enough. Can’t think why. Don’t think they even tried an MK Dongs comment. Still, tall poppy syndrome is a horrible affliction…

Truth is stranger than fiction: The ensemble of Dons fans behind the goal, who decided to ape Newk fans and strip to their bare chests. Some of them had bigger tits than the Wombelles.

Franchise watch: Let’s be honest – they’re going to get out of the relegation places. It’s a pisser, but as usual we start to dance on their grave and we find they haven’t filled the hole where the coffin is. They can’t keep avoiding the trap door forever…

Playoff victims watch: Worthing managed to mess it up again. Really, it’s now a straight scrap between us, Staines and H&R for the two spots. If we win and Staines don’t, that’s it. Game, set and indeed match to us. A sure sign, therefore, that Hendon will commemorate their last ever game at Claremont Road with a staggering 5-0 victory.

Anything else? Yeah – Ramsgate got promoted today, and seems like there was a bit of aggro afterward there as well. Allegations of punches, abuse by their players and even a steward getting “involved”, shall we say. Couple that with Borehamwood apparently looking good for promotion, and suddenly consolidation in the RP doesn’t seem quite so appealing.

So, was it worth it? Yes. I’m not really a fan of W&H. Dunno why.

In a nutshell: We are going up, say we are going up? Let’s see…