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Pre season slumber

Looks like the pre-season campaign has ended with a whimper rather than a bang. Or is it a collective yawn? No, I wasn’t at Ks yesterday (went NLPing at Uxbridge v Met Police, not too bad as it goes), and judging by the sub-600 turnout very few of our lot bothered as well.

I don’t think I’ve seen so many people openly say they’re not going to a particular game for ages. Not because of distance, nor even price. This is a legit unpopular fixture, and one that we’re increasingly finding resentful. Remember that its premise is to help out Ks. Not us. Raising money for other clubs is always going to be difficult on a regular basis. And let’s not forget that the good samaritan act isn’t entirely appreciated either. Mouthing off over the internet is one thing. Allegations of vandalism of our banners and spitting on our trophy cabinet is quite another.

Ambien Where To Buy Canada OK, I have to admit that I probably would have gone yesterday, but that’s because I’m not sure how many games I’ll see this season. If I want to help Ks out, I’d go to a few of their own games, put some money in that way. Until the powers-that-be figure out why people aren’t going – and more poigniantly openly stating so – don’t be surprised to see this fixture fall further and further attendance wise…

On a wider scale, there’s an argument for not playing any sort of PSF a week before the season starts, although getting your eye in is probably much better than a training session. Until we get promoted, we’re going to find we have a loose week before we get under way properly. Obviously, for this spare week, we won’t play a fellow RP team. If it’s an issue next year, why not a Southern Premier side? Same pyramid level, a fixture that will get our arse in gear and a good chance to see how prepared we are. And yeah, I hear the comments about travelling, although a cursory glance at their table says that we could have easily played a Maidenhead or a Northwood.

Buy Ambien Online Mastercard As for the game itself? Dunno, I have hardly read anything about it at all. Seriously, even RPV and Fleet got more comments about it. It does appear the game was crap in a “why are we playing this?” style. In light of comments above, why are you surprised? Though the deffo-not-much-maligned RB is back, which is a major plus point in itself.

Somehow, you can’t help thinking that we’ll be far more ready for it come Carshiton next week. Both the team and us lot. As this week progresses, the anticipation will build up a bit more. There are many reasons for this : they’re local. They’re a bit of a Sutton (insofar as they’re a “big” local side that we want to be at their playing level). The season starting always gets people excited. And the fact that they almost beat the average Frenzy in speed of giving a lovingly performed rimjob to Wankie… Elsewhere, as the world and his wife knows by now, one of our ex-players made headlines last week. I never thought I’d ever see the AFCW name mentioned on the front of the Telegraph, but it was there. Now, let’s be honest here. Why would Trigger feel the need to throw his career away like this? Even if he’s found innocent, mud will stick. In respect of the laws of the land, and to maintain and uphold the integrity of this nation’s judicial system, I will not make any comment relating to his alleged misdemeanours. Unless he did it. I have a (currently embargoed) front page already waiting….*

(* actually, this is a serious comment. Are there any lawyers reading this who wouldn’t mind giving out some free advice over what I can/can’t get away with? Contact at usual address please).