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From the gutter to the stars

Ordering Ambien Published by REPD on 24 August 2006 Erk, I knew I forgot to do something. I got caught a bit short over the Ramsgutter report – I left my notebook at home and got waylaid on Weds anyway – so there won’t be a proper one. Sorry.

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If I’m being honest, I’m in two minds about the game. On the one hand, I mostly share the general vibe that we already look a much more composed outfit than last season. On the flip side – we dropped two points. No matter how well we played, it will say 0-0 on the results sheet.

OK, Ramsgutter were as dirty on the field as their fans were off it last season. Rumours that the UN Security Council were meeting to discuss their next game are as yet unconfirmed. But if we’re going to go up, we have to figure out how to deal with teams who put not only 11 players behind the ball, but the subs, coaching staff and away turnout as well. The old syndrome that teams raise their games against us clearly hasn’t died down (and if stating the bleeding obvious makes me BBB, then buy me a forklift truck so I can put them on) so we need that bit extra.

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Ambien To Buy Do we have it? Possibly. One thing I noticed about Tuesday was the distinct lack of surlyness that made last season almost unwatchable. Not so much on the field, but off it. While we haven’t had the dank, cold and wet November games against the likes of Hendon and ETU yet, there’s already a better feel. Does that make sense? Something was definitely wrong last season, I genuinely don’t sense that impending doom this time.

Granted, there’s expectation, and everyone knows that if we don’t do well, we’ll be looking for a new manager. Some say 10 games, some say that Xmas is the watershed. I’m more inclined to believe now that decisions will be made at the end of the season. If we go up, great. DA deserves his chance to prove himself in the CS. If we finish second on goal difference, and lose 1-0 in the 119th minute of the playoff final, we try again next year. Anything else, I’m not sure. Certainly think that if we’re 10th by Boxing Day, we’ll be reading slightly different manager notes in the programme come the new year…

As it stands, I don’t think that’ll happen. We will play worse in future and win 3-0. I just hope our form at KM doesn’t bite us on the arse like it did last season.

Cheapest Ambien Online The ref? Well, obviously he bought his watch off somebody from Kent. Pray tell, how does one lose about three minutes? Insert obligatory Darryl Hair comment here, work in a reference to Halal butchers if you can. Mind you, the ref on Tuesday obviously enjoys a bit of ball tampering….

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Other things I noticed on Tuesday. We seem to have more adverts around the ground now – well, about two, anyway. I always felt that lack of takeup around our ground reflected very badly on us, so hopefully more are due soon. After all, their money will be as vital in the future. I still don’t like our home shirts, they look like a pigeon with digestive problems has shit on the shoulder. Programme looks pretty decent, from what I saw of it. Interesting that Errea are advertising with us – I know they sponsor the Manager of the Month, but their byline of “official teamwear supplier to the Ryman Football League” is intriguing. Does that mean tracksuits and the like? Bet Tempest will be a bit POed with that if so. Fuck knows what will happen if they ever make an offer to manufacturer our shirts…

Normal service might be resumed the next game I’m at. I did warn you to make the most of my match reports last season…

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