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Plane sailing

Ah, life is so much easier when you can delegate match reports. I’m getting used to this proper editorship lark. Anyway, all thank Chaffers ye Buffet Slayer for this. He sure as hell ain’t thanking me….

Actually, before I – er, Chaffers – go on, I think this may prove something that could hold us in good stead this season. It’s all very well basing how you’ll finish on a good performance, when everything goes right. It’s when we don’t play as well as we should, which makes all the difference. I have to be honest though, once they scored I feared the worse. At least, until I saw us running back determined for the restart. And our we-are-not-going-to-fucking-walk-out-of-here-with-a-draw reaction after we scored the penalty bodes well. I hope so anyway.

What more can I say? Seeing me armed with a single piece of A4 (the back of the team sheet) and a pen, REPD seized on the opportunity to demand that I increase my workload by not just writing the match report for the official site but also to cover his arse and generate something for all you SW19’s Army fans. Sorry it’s taken this long, but at least it’s faster than the Man in Black would have done it …

Anyhow, what an event Postcode 1 County 2 turned out to be. After 80 minutes of looking like Ramsgate or Margate repeated – you know, the usual domination without relief – we went behind to a sucker punch on the break. Cue wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth. Faster than you could say “Wimbledon never come from behind” and before the Guestbook could muster more than 100 Anderson OUT posts, we were given a soft penalty and Roscoe created an opening for Wales that he put away despite waiting at least 5 minutes wondering what to do with the ball before shooting.

Yes we really did show balls – and not just the Billy Big version that we normally seem to have. The celebrations showed how much it all meant to them and somehow it felt like we might have just seen a very real turning point for the season; perhaps good players turned into a good team in front of our eyes. We’ll probably lose to Oxhey now I’ve said that, but truely things do look to be on the up and up …

I could write more about the game, but can’t be arsed to repeat myself so just look at the Official Site for the “who did what when” part of the report. Now onto the stuff that I couldn’t put into that one … 🙂

Plus points: We won. We came from behind (ooh err Mrs). We looked good. Shroot looked useful on his debut.

Minus points: We should have scored more and earlier … it’s generally less stressful not having to come from behind.

The referee’s a…..: Useless, officious twat who gave us a soft penalty when it mattered … hang on, I obviously meant he was a high class official who we would like every week.

Them: Nice friendly club, but rather well endowed with Chelski-supporting chavs out for the “craic”. Was most impressed with a small “hoolie crew” who came to the Dons end for the last 10 minutes, it will only be around 3 years before their voices break. Tried a few “what’s it like to share a ground?” and “you’ve got no history” chants that were superbly replied with our “There’s only ONE Ashford Town … doh!”.

Point to ponder: Why can’t a forward lineup the envy of many Conference South sides supplied by a midfield that includes 2 players eyed up by Conference National sides manage to score more goals? I haven’t seen a team look that good playing football without actually getting goals since Terry Burton’s side post-relegation.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) One supporter at his last game before emigrating to Australia and one who flew in 2 hours before the game from Pisa – we are a global club. (2) Scott Curley doing a block tackle with his, erm, tackle. Didn’t look any the worse after it either, unlike the Ashford defender who managed the same trick with a Roscoe shot and went down pole-axed for 5 minutes. Early proof that we had balls of steel ? (3) The club sec’s explanation for the late withdrawl of Steve Goddard from the bench : “he sprained his bellend”. Not quite what DA’s post-match interview suggested ….

Anything else? The bizarre optical illusion that led to around 10 of us in a group shouting for handball against the keeper when it turned out that he was over a yard inside the box. My explanation that we couln’t see the line because “it was glistening in the dew” was not well received.

So, was it worth it? Do chavs support Chelski?

In a nutshell: Wombles are back.