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Oops, we Don it again

There’s never been a time when the phrase “a picture tells a thousand words” has been so welcomed. So, to sum up Dons 3 Dons 1, here’s a pictorial description of the game.


Whilst some may find the last one a little bit harsh, I firmly believe that no more needs to be said.

Now, onto the good (sic) stuff.

Plus points: At least we scored. Didn’t look quite so bad when our subs came on

Minus points: Everything else in the entire Western world, and probably beyond. And Paul Smith’s kicking. And the pitch. And our passing. And our heading. And shooting. And the fact we’re no longer top/out of the playoff race. Fuck, you name it and it’ll be a minus point. Even our red away kit sucked yesterday.

The referee’s a…….: In a match report, I would describe him as a referee who let things go, often to the detriment of the game. As this is SW19 you’re reading, instead of a respected journal, the referee was a complete dick. A totally blind, slobbering, guide dog wielding, help-me-cross-the-road-sonny dick. Shirt tugs, high feet missed, you name it. No, we can’t use him (or the pitch which was more suited to Warrington vs St Helens) as an excuse, but sometimes you just don’t have a chance.

Them: I should like Claremont Road. It’s on the Northern line, and it’s reminiscent of Plough Lane (sniff) in so many ways. Even the housing behind the stand was Durnsford Road stock. So why do I hate going there? Apart from the fact that we get stuffed every time I find myself in the ground? OK, they’re strugglers but they have been on a little bit of form recently. And luckily for them, they caught us on a bad day. They do look seriously poor off the pitch though. Whether they’re genuinely hard up I don’t know, but when they finally leave their place they could be finished. Merge with Wealdstone? Stranger things have happened….

Three’s a crowd: 859, and felt like a reserve game to boot. Whether it was because many Lawrie Sanchez dinner attendees were still out of their skull, or the fact that our fans just don’t like travelling north of the river I don’t know, but this wasn’t great at all. That said, I wonder if the venue had something to do with it? I know for a fact yesterday that plenty were unhappy at being there, when you consider that last season it was the final goodbye to Claremont Road. Quite a bit of of “I want my money back” type comments from people who put cash into last season’s bucket collections, which all led to a rather sour taste in the mouth.

OK, Hendon got a reprieve and that’s not a bad thing. But once again, the old milch cow feeling returns. Turn up in numbers, give us your money, and if you complain about being ripped off/having MK songs sung at you it’s because you’re totally arrogant and BBB. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Effectively the business plan of too many Ryman clubs, who wouldn’t even exist if they weren’t friends of Turdey and the rest of the Ryman Drinking Club. They know it, and so do we.

And they wonder why we have an attitude problem? And they wonder why so many of our fans want to break the Ryman’s neck (even literally)? Christ, we even got slagged off yesterday for not bringing enough. I know one Womble who had to put up with a home fan complaining about DA leaving them and how we’ve got so much money etc. Fine, we know what to do with our cash next time. Instead of paying £8 to watch a game, we might as well put £8 towards AFCW Dinner evenings, or merchandise. At least we know the money will be appreciated a bit more. Ultimately, who loses out? Not AFCW, that’s for sure…..

Point to ponder: Did you really expect anything different? Scroll down to last week where I say “you just know we’ll lose to at least one of them”. I’m claiming credit for that. Let’s be honest, we’ve been teetering a little bit recently. We may have had the occasional crappy draw against Staines and Ramsgutter, but we always had enough to win. Yesterday, it finally slapped us in the face.

Thing is, now what? More than likely this was a bad day at the office. To lose only once from the 9th December is something in itself. Add our little, ahem, problems with the FA into that and you can forgive yesterday. Almost. Before we start getting back into early season suicide mode, let’s see how we respond against Worthing.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Just what was Rob Ursell doing on our bench yesterday? For the unitiated, he hasn’t returned to play, he was just popping in to see old mates. Rate things are going, expect Kevin Cooper to return soon. (2) Their mascot, described as a bit, erm, camp by a Womble near me. At least I got the last laugh over it, as one of its relatives was my meal last night. (3) Jobsworth stewards, who were adamant that nobody was ever going to stand right at the front. For Hendon vs AFCW? If they wanted to torture us, they should have forced us to look at the pitch. Incidentally, they had “Premier Events” on their backs, which has to be the least apt brand name since Reg Davis bought a Smart car.

Point to ponder, part deux: Just had a thought leading on from the previous P2P. How much is the pending appeal affecting us? Subconciously, I think it is having more than we let on. I bet many of us walked away from Hendon yesterday knowing our season was over. I certainly did. Normally, to lose top spot with a shit performance brings out the angst, but it didn’t. I think it’s because deep down, many have accepted that we’ll get the 18 points lobbed off, and as such losing yesterday would have snuffed out the playoff chances. Although I think the deduction would have meant we were in the RP next season anyway. If what I say is true, the time from now until the 26th will be a very, very long wait…

Anything else? Not really. Just that going to the game yesterday felt exactly like it did going to Billericay in December. And I mean, dead on exactly. Even the weather was the same. Maybe those who didn’t turn up had the right idea?

So, was it worth it? Piss off.

In a nutshell: Merchant bank.