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Axe wounded

Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex Fucking hell. Seriously, fucking hell. Twelve Men 2 Ten Men 0 is 90 minutes of my life I will never get back. Once again, I had a strange feeling about this game, but it wasn’t the same as Hendon a couple of weeks ago. Many people thought that we would finally break the H&R curse, but if anything it just got tighter. From beginning to end, it was just one big state of wrongness. I think people were so busy thinking it was payback for everything before it was bound to backfire. And we all know what happens when we build ourselves up for the big fight : we’ve done it before against H&R, and lost 4-0. We built up AFC Wallingford big time in our first CCL season, and lost 3-0. When we expect, we fail.

So now what? To be totally honest, if the appeal goes against us, that’s it. We plan for next season. Does this mean a total overhaul? Quite simply, we might have to. I don’t want DA to go especially, but if the clamour for new ideas/a fresh face is such, it might be a natural conclusion. Though I hope the club (and those yelling for his blood) are willing to take the risk that we could go backwards as well as forwards. I’ll mention about the ref in due course, but christ – we really don’t help ourselves. When Lee O’Leary got sent off, and when they went a goal up (and where the fuck is our marking? Don’t tell me our defence is solid. It’s been horse wank for a while), that was it really. Did we have a shot on target? Did we make their fat cunt of a goalie do something other than playing with his maggot dick? Did we even look remotely close to scoring?

Sorry, but this is not good enough. When you’re 10 men down and one goal down, no matter who you’re playing, you fucking fight like madmen. That is Wimbledon. OK, I don’t expect a LO’L type challenge, although their #15 deserved a career threatening elbow to the head. Although I doubt if you dropped a paving slab on his head you’ll do brain damage. But I certainly expect battling qualities, a siege to goal, you name it. Today, we got none of that. Are we bothered any more? As somebody put it, how galling must it be for all those working their arses off to get these 18 points back only for the players to give up like they have? Perhaps they know there is going to be a massive change in the summer, so why put themselves out now? If we get the points back and we get treated to more of the same as today, it won’t be Turdey who gets the threats in the mail…

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And if we do lose the 18 points, somebody tell our players that we’ll be about 8 points off relegation. If we go down, I would not want any of them putting on an AFCW shirt ever, ever again. TBH I’m fucked off, just as fucked off as I was against Billy Ricky way back when. We’ve gone from an underperforming outfit to one that destroyed all before them to, well, relegation candidates quite frankly. Today we were distinctly mid table, in fact lower mid table. I can forgive Hendon, but I can’t forgive last week or today. Yes, we played an H&R who, cough, got the rub of the green. But that’s no excuse. And neither is one point in nine. Leyton has suddenly become the match of the season. Fail to perform, or indeed to win, regardless of what the FA does to us, and that’s it. Lose or even draw, we have gone as far as we can go now. And even if we win, all won’t suddenly be well.

I can’t be fucked to write any more. Instead, here’s…

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Plus points: At least H&R is only about 5 miles door to door.

Order Tramadol Overnight Visa Minus points: 3pm to 5pm. The referee’s a…..: Currently has the biggest collection of brown envelopes from a certain high street stationary store. I have many things to say about him, most of them involve the word “cunt” and generally hoping he dies a horrible, slow, painful death, with lots of blood and vital organs damaged as well. Preferably in front of his wife and kids.

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Cheap Tramadol Cod Note to the easily offended : I don’t actually wish death on the referee – there are only three or four people on this planet I do mean it to – but feel free to share your moral indignation with the world. I could do with a laugh.

Them: If it’s possible to hate this lot further, I’d shudder to think how. From the smart-arse PA bloke, safely hiding on the rooftop to their onfield hardmen of #7 and #15, to the Brentford fans behind the goal, you name it. Usual cynical, secret-elbowing stuff we’ve come to expect from them. The day we finally beat this lot will be one of the sweetest in recent times. I was asked to mention that their #7 and #15 were reported for making wanker signs at us, which I will gladly do. If you heard/saw them do anything, feel free to report them. Like most footballers, they’re hard as fuck behind a barrier yet strangely quiet as dead mice when they’re not under protection.

Tramadol Online Usa Yeah, they were better than us, but then, they wanted it more. It was their cup final after all. : for all their lies that we don’t really matter to them, their reactions afterwards tell us that they do. In fact, we matter a lot. World Cup was it this time? Or was it the Champions League? As for the wannabe Football Factory lot behind the goal, who I believe were Brentford*, it was extremely funny at the end. After claiming their lifelong alligence to the Beavers, we asked them point blank “will you ever come again?”. Their reaction? Blank. Sheer blank. Total “what the fuck do we say to that?”. That told the real story, especially as I didn’t see half of their fans there today at last year’s playoff final….. * – I was told this by somebody “in the know”. He expressed surprise as he reckons they were the same people being chased down the road by us a mere 25 years ago. Of course, violence is wrong…. Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) H&R had the world’s shittiest mascot. It was supposed to be a beaver, but looked more like a deformed chipmunk with a cushion nicked from a WMC stapled to its arse. Made me look tall, and if all beavers were like that the birth rate would collapse. If I was the individual in that costume, I’d kill myself. (2) David Barnard was there, first time I’ve seen him in ages. Wonder how the home fans felt with their team’s secretary in our end? (3) One sodding toilet entrance/exit for us pissed (up) souls. So much so, some of us ended up having to use the ladies. Who do we think we are anyway? Bryan Robson?

Anything else? If losing to this lot really winds you up, take a deep breath and consider this. They may have beaten us today (and every other single time), and they might go up before us (christ, they’ve spent a couple of seasons falling away at the death even before we joined the RP). But it will be a seriously big financial struggle for them. Something some of their 20 legit fans privately admit. They might have a decent season or two up there, but soon reality will bite for them and they’ll fall down again, a la Carshalton. As we saw today, they have so many hangers-on it’s unsubstainable. Basingstoke and Eastleigh are bigger/richer than they are, and look at their league position. Simply put, it may be better to be a Hampster tonight, but you’re better off being AFCW tomorrow. So, was it worth it? Fuck off, and fuck off again. In a nutshell: Roll on Tuesday when it’ll all be over…