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Character Stain

(disclaimer: the editor was in a foul mood when he wrote this report. SW19 reserves the right to change its mind in due course)

I could excuse the Boreham Wood game ending like it did. But right now, after Skidmarks 1 Staines 1, I can’t justify this. The second must-win game in three days and we yet again failed to get the three points.

Why? Why can’t we fucking kill teams off? Why does our defence shit itself every time an opposition player gets within about 10 feet of our area? Are our defence taking bribes not to keep any clean sheets? Would explain a lot if so. Why was Steve Wales on the bench? Why is that cock Ryan Peters wearing an AFCW shirt?

When we got the FA appeal in our favour, I really thought that would be it. I really thought we would put the shits up the rest of the division. I really expected the charge of a lifetime that would propel us upwards. Know what I see now? I see a bottle job. I see a bunch of chokers. I see a team that had the opportunity of a lifetime and didn’t take it. Right now, I see a team that has blown it.

Let’s face it, unless we see an upturn of biblical proportions, we’re heading out of the playoffs. Not that we deserve to be in them right now. If you can’t hold onto a one goal lead after two minutes and build on that – AT HOME – you ain’t good enough. And we haven’t been good enough all season.

Do our players want to go up? If so, why the fuck do they give the fucking thing away every fucking time? I would cope with it once or twice, but you go through all the games we’ve been leading and ended up with one point at most. That’s not a side with character. That’s a bottle job.

Look at the table. Look at the fucking table. We are now ONE point away from going out of the playoffs altogether. And wouldn’t the tinpots just love that? Just imagine Turdey beating his viagra-powered dick to a pulp at our expense? Just imagine another season of everyone blaming us for every single ill in the Ryman, then fleecing us at the same time. Sickening, I agree. We shouldn’t be scraping into the playoffs, but we are.

“But we lost 3 points and if we didn’t lose the three points we’ll still be up there and….” Shut the fuck up. Losing 3 points isn’t a reason for us doing badly, it’s an excuse. And excuses are what you make when you haven’t got anything else to defend yourself with. OK, BW was trickier than many people realise, but today was must win. Today was guaranteed 3 points. Genuine playoff contenders don’t throw away leads like we did today. Genuine playoff contenders don’t play like a bunch of retards in defence. Genuine playoff contenders win when it matters. Right now, we ain’t genuine playoff contenders.

The fact is, I’m resigned to life in this poxy drinking club league for next season. And it will only get worse. I expect the refereeing “performance” today to be de rigeur next season. I expect everything we do to be scrutinised to the nth degree for something – anything – that will get us in trouble. Unannounced ground inspection, anyone? You know it and I know it.

I can cope with us getting in the playoffs, playing well and losing if it came down to it. I can just about cope if we got there and played badly – these things happen. But I definitely can’t cope with us throwing our chance of scraping in away. And with it in our own hands is quite simply unforgivable. If that’s the case, it’s bye bye DA and bye bye half this squad. And I’m not sure if I would want any of them to stick around.

And then what? The players have a good number here, they get to play in front of crowds that you would expect to find in League Two. I bet they ain’t poor thanks to our pockets. They can be heroes if they want to be. They are at a club which has got more exposure than most of non-league put together. I hope every single AFCW player reads these next few sentences. If you fail to take us up, you will be gone. And you will be back in front of crowds of 400. And you may be picking up a nice wodge of cash but you won’t get the atmosphere, the passion for the club, and all the other trappings. And then you’ll realise what you had and threw away. Many of us worked our fucking bollocks off to make sure you still had a chance of Conference South this season. Right now, we feel that it’s been slung back in our faces. That is unforgivable.

If DA wants to be manager next season, he has five games to save his job. Not three (think about it). If the players want to enjoy performing in front of crowds of 2.5k next season, they know what to do. And it ain’t what they did today or against Boreham Wood.

Folkestone have an easy game next week, all they need to do is wait for us to go one up and then sit back until we gift them the point(s). You don’t need to be a Malaysian businessman to predict that one. When Folkestone take points off us next week, and when Margate overtake us for the fifth spot, maybe then we’ll twig just what we’ve thrown away. Maybe the team will realise just what this past couple of weeks has done. But then it will be too late. Far, far too late….

If you feel the need to read on, do so…

Plus points: I suppose we didn’t actually lose (though it felt like it). Still hanging on in fifth.

Minus points: Two points dropped – nuff sed.

The referee’s a…….: When you go thieving at your local Ryman tomorrow (because you sure as hell won’t be contributing to their coffers) don’t expect to find any brown envelopes in stock, put it that way.

Them: Gave us a little bit of a fright when they shot on goal after the first minute. We should have seen the warning signs then, and did we? Did we fuck. They weren’t that good TBH, but I bet they couldn’t believe their luck when we gave them the equaliser. Their goalie a twat, but he was clearly embarrased by having to wear a jumper with a duct-taped “1” on the back.

Point to ponder: Did RB’s injury just encapsulate our season in a nutshell? Took ages to start up, flickers of brilliance and then gone. Although I’ve heard he might be all right now. So all is well and good. Probably.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Two red hands taking penalties against a Womble on a football pitch. I don’t do drugs but I might have drunk some LSD without realising. That didn’t really happen, did it? (2) Speaking of red hands, what do you think the guys wearing the Tom Tom costumes will tell their grandchildren? It’s not the sort of thing you’d wish to show them pictures of, are they? Could be worse, they could be the lame H&R chipmunk.

Anything else? Yeah. When I got to KM, I saw a rather large (and particularly aggressive) gentlemen having a major barney with a copper. After a bit of investigating, I discovered it was because he ignored the “Car Park Full” sign (and by the sound of it this isn’t an isolated incident), tried to get in and …. well, you can guess the rest.

The point here is that said individual justifies his actions by using the “It’s my club” line. In other words, because he’s bought a DT share he thinks he can do what the fuck he likes. Well, if you’re one of those sort of people, listen up : sell all your shares in AFCW because it doesn’t. Buying shares in AFCW, and becoming an “owner” means that you have the right to contribute to general strategic direction and who sits on what boards.

It does not give you the right to ignore signs that you don’t feel like obeying. If it says Car Park Full, and you don’t have a special pass that is limited to players, officials and disabled, then you can’t go in. Simple as that. If it says not to run onto the pitch, you don’t run onto the pitch. Additionally, you do not get the right to pick the team. Buying shares in AFCW and becoming an owner does not give you a waiver to call volunteers “cunts” and generally act in a threatening, bullying manner.

If you can’t accept those terms and conditions (also known as “responsibilities”) perhaps you’ve mis-sold yourself as to what a shareholder actually means. Not what you think it means. And as for the fat cunt giving it all that because he didn’t get his own way, he’s a good reason for AFCW to sell up to an individual businessman…

So, was it worth it? Today, I stood in an area with a couple of impressionable youngsters and managed to keep my swearing down to a minimum. Then Steve Ferguson crossed for Richard Jolly to not get on the end of it, and all my hard work of trying to control tourets failed miserably. Hope the kids mothers don’t mind. As for the game, ask me when I’m in a better mood.

In a nutshell: East Thurrock at KM last season this wasn’t………