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Global wetting

Ahhhh…. so long pre-season. It’s nice to be back at a game where I don’t have to concentrate for 90 minutes plus. With all the hype and expectation over TB’s tenure, I really, really couldn’t wait to get down to West London today. You see, we might pretend we like going to Ryman grounds (well, actually we don’t pretend at all now) but when you go to a place people have actually heard of, in a league setting, it just reinforces what you’ve missed league wise.

I always say the same thing whenever we visit a league ground. We pretend we don’t want to be back in the league, but deep down we miss it like fuck. It remains dormant whenever we go to Borehamwood, or Staines, or whoever. We don’t really feel it at KM. We almost keep it in check whenever we play a Conf side (I say almost). But even for a PSF, you realise the League is where it’s at. And to be honest, it’s where we should be. And you know it too.

So, to today. Well, Bee……. hang on, what the fuck do you mean when you say the game was called off? This is July, dammit. Not November, or January. July is supposed to be a sweltering month, with flying ants and barbeques and inconsiderate neighbours playing that shite Kiss FM wank at 4am and lackluster PSFs. It’s not supposed to have a reduced fixture list. Oh, I suppose it did rain a little bit recently, According to the Daily Express, it was supposed to be 2 months worth of rain in a day. Mind you, according to the Daily Express Diana was murdered by the CIA/Royal Family/Al-Fayed/Carlos Tevez, a storyline they never tire of repeating…

Anyway, none of what you associate with July above has happened. Except the flying ants of course, horrible bastards. Especially the ones with wings, the BBC’s “Threads” refused to factor swarms of the eight legged arseholes in because they didn’t want to scare people any further..

In all seriousness, while I ultimately needed this Saturday off from distractions* I have to say I was really looking forward to this. And TBH it’s a setback in our pre-season. It may have saved us from injury, but we need games. And Brentford was a goodun in more ways than one.

* – nothing serious, just trying to cram 10 lessons worth of German lessons into one week. Expect this site to be in three languages soon, German, English and the language I usually write in.

Will Brentford offer to re-arrange the fixture? Hope so, although I doubt it. Is it me or does it feel like we’re hardly playing any PSFs this time round? Yes, I know in the space of a fortnight we’ve got Woking, Salisbury, Fi$her and FCUM, and it’s probably no less packed than usual. But consider pre-season tours are a plenty right now to have just one game played is a bit, well, odd.

Granted, you couldn’t help today, but I do wonder why there wasn’t a first 11 PSF this midweek just gone. Couldn’t we find anyone? Sure Sutton or Hayes/Yeading would have obliged if we’d asked nicely. Is TB so concerned with pre-season injuries that he really wants them at a minimum?

OK, it’s not a criticism. Well, actually, it is. I want to watch some AFCW games, and I’ve been horribly frustrated in doing so. Right now it seems there’s as much chance of anyone winning a BBC phone-in quiz as there is of me making a game. I fully expect Woking to get called off on Tuesday, and I bet I have to work this Saturday for Salisbury (trying to get out of it, don’t worry dear reader). Hell, I couldn’t even make RPV. And of course, me not getting to games equals no SW19 report. And trust me, somebody moans like a Main Stander when there isn’t one…

In fact, with the exception of Jake Leberl, things have been almost too quiet on the transfer front. Goddard is staying with us for now, if he gets his attitude sorted. Other than that, it’s only the weather that keeps any sort of interest up. I could tell you about me getting Setanta, but that’s for another time when I really have bollock all to write about.

Anyway, let’s have a warm-up for this upcoming season. I know I didn’t see any action today, but that’s hardly unusual…..

Plus points: We didn’t lose.

Minus points: We didn’t win.

The referee’s a……..: Complete and utter goat semened stained wanker. What kind of piddling excuse is excess water on the pitch anyway? Brentford are professionals, they should be made to play in 10 foot of water. Honestly, they’ll be wanting summer breaks before long….

Them: Why don’t I like Brentford? OK, there’s something of the irritating cock factor about them (think lead singer of Hard-Fi) and they make up the bulk of H&R’s support, but they’re not Chelski or the other big London clubs. Yet they’re not nearly as likeable as Barnet or Leyton Orient. There’s no obvious adopted second team about them. Is it something to do with the West London air? Anyway, I think they’re quite pro-Franchise, so fuck them. The rate they’re going, they’ll probably end up in Bucks once the first Franchise folds….

Point to ponder: Apart from how I’ve managed to get this far for an abandoned game? Here’s one. If we’d played today and lost, how would we have reacted? Brentford have been playing quite badly of late, and we believe that we’re invincible next season. A quick down to earth thump, perhaps? We await the first genuinely heartfelt “Brown Out” cry.

Womble aggro: Well, there wasn’t any. But I’m in report writing pre-season mode, and I need to try out all possibilities. I do have little doubt that a Womble did a rather nasty fart in a bar in Tenerife last night….

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Brentford v AFCW off. Raynes Park Vile vs Whitehawk on. Vile lost 1-0 by the way. Both areas of London had the same amount of rain fall on it. Go figure. (2) Come to think of it, the weather is worth a category all by itself isn’t it? Thing is, if the end result of all this environment stuff is more freaky weather, we’ll just end up adapting like we always do. And besides, if the icecaps do melt, they’ll probably flood Ramsgate…..

Anything else? Urm, not really. A day of desolation, thumb twiddling and mind-numbing boredom, wondering when the next bit of football is coming from. Bit like last season then.

So, was it worth it? Yes, I’ve forgotten just how frustrating a day with a postponed day can be. Just didn’t expect it in July, that’s all.

In a nutshell: Roll on, er, winter.