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Wood structure

Job done I suppose. I can’t help thinking that Kingstonian’s Landlords 2 Wealdstone’s Landlords 1 was more difficult than what it should have been, which if I was to ever get round to doing the archive (and I would still like some proofreaders please for it. Usual address) would have described plenty of games earlier this season.

I’ll be smug here, I never thought we would actually lose even when we were 1-0 down at half time. In fact, I never really thought that we’d even be heading up the Metropolitan Line for a replay. Yes, I know that makes me William Enlarged Prostrate , but if anything I think that just shows how much we’ve come on even from the start of the season. Would we have lost this in August/September? Possibly, though more likely a replay would have been in the offing.

OK, I think conceding after about 20 seconds woke us up far earlier than we would usually. But when Hatton scored from about 3mm out (and even that nearly went over the crossbar) we really did seal the tie there and then. Jake Leberl’s (NOT Jason Goodliffe’s) header just confirmed the inevitable I suppose.

Oh, and Marcus Gayle came on, but I’ll deal with him later.

What did strike me today is that we’re starting to grind out results when playing a bit rubbish. We did so against Hornchurch (second half anyway), although we shouldn’t have lost against Tonbridge. We came good last week at Hastings and in truth we did similar today, albeit a lot earlier. Next week though we really need to stop arsing about – it’s Chelmsford and they will be out to prove a point against us. We’ve been riding our luck a little bit recently, and if we’re going to fuck up this week, let’s hope it’s in the Slurrey Senior Tinpot on Tuesday.

That said, I think we’re capable of winning next week (though 4-0 again would be a bit too optimistic). I think we’re probably about equal with each other, though their lead is purely down to their far more settled start. Perhaps we ought to get Sky TV to cover the game live? Wouldn’t be much worse than some of the shit you get higher up these days.

Anyway, back to today. It’s quite a nice feeling knowing we’re in the first round proper of a major FA competition. Sadly, it’s not the FAC but our time will one day come in that. It’s quite strange that our approach isn’t “ooh, we could play a Conference side”, it’s “we got shafted out of this competition last season and we want revenge”. Nobody really fears playing Conference sides. We should, but we don’t – I guess it’s because we’ve (a) got a manager who knows a LOT about the Conference, and (b) our exploits last season proved we can play against them.

OK, so maybe Aldershot and Gravesend and NorthEbbsfleet weren’t trying 100% against us. But who cares? It would be nice to get Rushden and Diamonds at KM because we were denied that fixture last season. But even if we drew Oxford or Torquay away, we really wouldn’t be shitting ourselves. In fact, I reckon if we drew another RP club, or Bromley or even the lowest team still drawable we’d be more un-nerved.

Until Monday arrives, this will keep you going….

Plus points: We won. Quite comfortable in the end. Marcus Gayle returning. DeBolla.

Minus points: First 30 seconds.

The referee’s a…….: Again, FAT and a better referee. Perhaps not on the par as the Chelmsford ref but still better than the HMRC junior staffers we get in the Ryman.

Them: Fair play to them, they did try and take it to us, though I think they either ran out of steam or we got better. Probably both. Shame their #7 did the chest thumping thing towards the TE after they had a goal disallowed. Quick pointer – you’re supposed to do that if the goal is legitimate. Never mind. Their supporters coach turned up late and had what looked like a school party on it. With the adult asking if kids are allowed in the bar. Christ, start them early or what? Oh, and for some reason they blasted the ball out from kickoff rugby yooniun style…..

Gayle Force Nine: Yes, the (re)return of the Prodigal Son. The only ex-WFC player who I can remember being in a tabloid newspaper involved in some odd church in West London came to His people and declared “Lo, blessed be thy flock for He has returned. Smite not the Messenger for whilst I may be on the bench of his Brownlord, I will come and lead you in His word and His prayer”. Probably.

Anyway, I do remember his cameo against Harrow (when I honestly thought I’d forgotten it) when he looked a pale shadow of his former self. Talented, yes, but an old thoroughbred horse about to be put out for a French supermarket. Today? OK, he ain’t as fit as he was, but by fuck you can tell the difference. I’m not joking when I say that before he came on, Mark DeB looked the best player on the pitch. When he did, Mark DeB really did look a Conf level player in comparison.

Needless to say MG was very closely marked, but I did enjoy it when he came on, managed to elude two defenders before getting upended, getting the foul, getting up and raising two fingers (fingernails at the back, before anyone gets arsey). The other thing that I did notice what how much the dynamic of football supporting changes when a legitimate hero comes on. Before, we wanted a goal from anyone. When MG arrived on the scene, you almost begrudged anyone else scoring.

Will this be another cameo before he gets injured for two more months? Hope not, I think he himself deserves one last run before he retires. If we’re starting to finally do what the pre-season promised, maybe Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man? He’s certainly an asset when fit. One other thing – after last weeks heroics, I certainly felt sorry for Webb today…..

Point to ponder: Am I the only one still a bit unsure that Knowles has sufficiently fitted in? OK, it’s only his second game for us, but I did think he was still a bit of a stranger at the back for us. Not to mention his occasional Carson-esque clearances when passed back to him….

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) AL and Jon Main getting their Ryman monthly awards and the Isthmian bloke not getting much abuse. Water under the bridge, perhaps? Time healing? Maybe, although I still reckon Turdey will never be welcome at KM. Still waters really run deep, even now. (2) Fuck it was cold. And I mean, cold. On the plus side, my ability to write notes wearing gloves has improved somewhat since last season. (3) Going on from that, for the first time since 1999, I felt a bit like I was at Selhust for a while in the first half. It was cold, miserable, we were 1-0 down, the atmosphere was dead and you just wondered how we’d ever manage to do anything again. No wonder I was fucking pessimistic………….

Anything else? Yeah – Erik Samuelson’s programme notes should be read by everyone claiming to be an AFCW fan. Sadly, I don’t think those who need to be told this will read them, although if we’re going to start naming names then perhaps it’s just what’s needed. I know if I was told what has been alleged I would have gone a lot further than ES did.

For those who don’t know, remember what I said about the car parking going to shit a couple of weeks ago? Well, it got explained what happened in there, and just imagine if there was an emergency in that field? Doesn’t bear thinking about does it? The stewards were back there today, and things were a lot more organised. Let’s hope it remains that way from now on.

The reason I mention this is simple. It’s a guess of mine and I’m probably shit-stirring without due cause, but we could soon be facing up to a situation where the stewards decide one day to withdraw their services for the game – the result being instant cancellation of match. Just imagine what the Ryman would do to us if that was to happen. Failure to play a game? Three points off, no doubt, and this time we wouldn’t have Jim Sturman getting them back. All this is possible because some cock munchers put themselves first, last and everywhere else in between.

To be honest, I get a bit fed up with people acting the cunt and then claiming “this is a fans club, I can do what I want”. Can apply to a variety of instances, but this time the people who do make life difficult not only for stewards but for those of us who actually use the car park and don’t appreciate a free-for-all. Too many people hide behind the “fans club” thing to hide obnoxious behaviour, and they’re too full of their own bullshit and vastly inflated self-worth to ever listen. So maybe public humiliation will lance this nasty little boil that’s developing?

I’m led to believe that stewards generally are legally culpable (?) if things go wrong, so if they decided to pull out one day I’m not sure if I’d blame them. While our “fun” with Palace’s fluorescent brigade may still rankle even now, our ones at AFCW aren’t that bad. Better than many certainly.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll hear some whinging from those people that their club is stabbing them in the back etc etc. Let’s hope they fuck off and follow Chelski instead, it’s about their level of support. And I don’t mean Premiership level…

So, was it worth it? Yeah, more or less.

In a nutshell: WUP Undefeated t-shirts. Still on sale and still relevant.