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Close season musings

Order Tramadol Next Day Delivery Well, it’s a sunnyish summer Saturday, the football season is about to clock off for about a couple of weeks, and not a lot seems to be happening, so an ideal time to do an SW19 update. Firstly, if you haven’t done so, why not sign up for the brand new SW19 mailing list? And if you have, you might need to do so again… Secondly, and almost just as painful to deal with, transfers seem to be a bit on the slow side. As of the time of writing, we’ve only officially added Alan Inns from H&R to our capture of Lewis Taylor. And, apparently, Inns joining with a pay cut. We’re linked with many more, thankfully, in fact I believe it’s around 20 players. Obviously, we aren’t going to have 20 players joining us – in fact, I’m not too sure if we’ll have 20 players full stop come the BSS kickoff – but it just seems frustrating the whole thing. Especially when you hear we’re linked with certain players like Jean-Michel Sigere, who apparently turn up with an agent and a personalised number plate, then you find they bugger off elsewhere. To me, the big reason for this current frustration is the fact that we got shot of eight players quite efficiently. I won’t bother going over old ground as to why they left, although TBH none of them were a surprise. But it proves once and for all that getting people in is at times harder than showing a Franchise fan how to wipe their arse unaided. That’s the thing – right now, aren’t you just a little bit concerned that we’ll end up with a load of young kids because we didn’t get anyone in?

Perhaps we’re all being unfair though – players are on holiday after all, and have our released eight found clubs themselves yet? Although fortunately for Danny Webb, the local glue factory doesn’t shut down over the summer. But the real reason I’m updating today is the OS. Now, our official site gets a fair amount of abuse, and justifiably so, but it has stumbled across a rather decent new feature. If you haven’t read it yet, check this out.

Order Tramadol Read it? Good. Quite impressive isn’t it? That’s the kind of thing that OSes should be doing, and credit where it’s due. Some damn interesting stuff on there..

Like this bit. Wonder who the player/club asking for “silly money” are? One thing about editing this site is that you do get people offering you some interesting insights into who’s doing what. If the club getting referred to here is the same one I was told were being arsey over us bidding for a player, let’s just say I’m not surprised at all. It certainly justifies my belief of the modus operandi of a certain “drinking club”. And it certainly confirms why we’re best to be dismissive in our own unique way when we get the “classless bandwagoners” jibe hurled at us…. While you’re trying to scrabble round over that last comment, why do I get the feeling we won’t see Robin Shroot back in an AFCW shirt next season?

But the most intriguing, eyebrow raising comment from perhaps the whole article is this one:

“One interesting feature this close season is that some of the players we have been talking to couch their expectations in terms of ‘net’ money. In other words, they want guaranteed pay, after tax. It seems only to be in football where employees talk in terms of net money, but perhaps that is a legacy of the bad old days when some players were paid outside the tax system. Such days are long gone, of course.”

Best Place To Get Tramadol Online I sense an act of subtlety here, though I can’t honestly think why. Seriously, in a wider context – I wonder just what goes on in non-league football that we don’t know about? Sure you cynical lot could pick a club out, look at them, their crowds and their spending habits and go “hmm”. I couldn’t possibly comment. But seriously, am I the only one who thinks there’s a bit of a Wild West feel to non-league? I wrote exactly why I think that here, and if anything that just seems more apt now than ever before. And this is yet another reason why I want us to progress up as far as possible – the higher you go the more the leagues seem to have a grip on things. If we think the BSS is more “professional” yet still suffers from clubs suddenly going belly-up, christ knows what we think of lower down the divisions.

Buying Tramadol From India Then again, it’s not as though we get decent leadership from those on high. During Darlogate, I often made the comment that I wondered how many other clubs forgot to fill in forms yet were strangely never punished in the way we were. The insinuation was, because of the “drinking club” mentality that seems to grip the Ryman, anything that could have got one of the “favoured” clubs into shit would be treated with a “don’t worry dear boy, we’ll pretend it just didn’t happen OK? Want another Pimms?”. Probably me being paranoid for thinking that, and I certainly couldn’t prove it in a court of law, but you do wonder.

Actually, I wished I hadn’t mentioned Darlogate, because it’s about to set me off again. Seriously, I can’t believe even a good two seasons down the line how fucking angry the whole situation still makes me. When you read the way we appear to conduct ourselves, compared with the horseshit thrown back at us, it reminds you just how good us winning at Staines was. No, even now it hasn’t sunk in, but reading back reminds you just what life was like a mere month or two back. Speaking of that playoff, no doubt Boon is still whinging about losing to us in the playoff finals – I thought that it would be purely down to the “foul” on their goalkeeper costing them a chance at the BSS. Then again, he’s on the Ryman board of directors AND Ryman representative on the FA Council. It would have been absolutely tragic had Staines got promoted to the BSS and he had to forfeit both of those. But I’m sure he would have heroically dropped both rather nice sounding positions of power in order to become a relative nobody in the BSS. Wouldn’t he? More I think about it, the more I’m convinced we were that unpopular in the Ryman. And might explain why Staines are still bitching and whining. Obviously we were far too big for the division (club size anyway), and we all knew it, and our very presence rubbed some up the wrong way. But it’s little things, like when you read the Conf South website that has a nice “Welcome” with our name underneath it that it makes you realise what we’ve left behind. Did we ever get a “Welcome” when we entered the Ryman? Like fuck we did. Already in the short month since we got promoted we’ve had a genuine welcome from the likes of Bath City and Newport County. Worcester City even went so far as to say that WFC were our “precursors”. The rivalries may turn out to be bad tempered, but at least they look at us as somebody to test themselves against, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Is it any co-incidence that the team we seemed to get on well with most of all last season was Chelmsford? See, the likes of us, CCFC, Newport, Bath, probably the likes of Worcester, and certainly people like H&W are more or less in the same boat and probably have the same attitude as each other. We all seem to want to make that step up to the Conference, though with differing degrees of success thus far. There’s more of a respect there than I sensed in the Ryman. The BSS seems a competitive league and not a drinking club league. You can tell that in the vibe already, and we’re not even offiically ratified yet. Hope our top brass don’t get too carried away with a Saturday in Blackpool though 😉 Which is why I have to laugh when the OS mentions it has to go to the Ryman annual dinner. Especially when it says “valued old friends”. A quote from Turdey – “We would seek to to ask all clubs in our league if they are happy with the action of the Football Association and, if not, to tell us that we can decide what, if any, action to take”. That comment came after we got the 18 points reduced to three and the FA issued a binding decision BTW. You know, the same binding decision from the FA that caused AFCW to be set up in the first place. Just in case you’d forgotten. Still, I’m sure we can speak about it with our valued old friends…..

I imagine that it will be quite cordial an occasion though, these things usually are. I do sincerely hope though that none of our party point out to Turdey that he’s supposed to stand down when he’s 75, and not try and stay on. Rules are most certainly rules, eh?

Anyway, fuck the bitter old cunts and fuck the rest of them. We’ve got a Conference South club to run and maintain. Looks like building work is finally going to start on the Telegraph Crossword Stand, although can we really get in 200 extra seats and a roof by August? Not to mention the internal refurb? Can see the first couple of weeks on our travels, somehow.

Also, interesting to note that despite all the euphoria with regard ST sales, we’ve only got 40 at most who are brand new holders. It’s quite possible that for now we’ve reached a ceiling over who’s likely to buy them – obviously some of our existing holders are switching to five-year deals, and no doubt some previous ST holders who have since lapsed. But those expecting 4k+ crowds regularly may be slightly disappointed. We may be in a higher league now, but we’re still not really in a high league. There’s a difference. Still, it all bodes well for next season, and everyone is still looking forward to it. Even your humble and esteemed editor. I just hope we can get a few players before then…….