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Rock on If you had told me at this time last week we would be only one of three sides with 100% records, I probably would have patted you on the head and given you a dismissive “that’ll be good, won’t it?”, whilst trying hard not to snigger or call you a complete twat.

Mind you, after Crack Cocaine 3 Rocks 1, maybe it is time to get excited? Actually, I think it’s better if we have this week to just calm down, not wet yourself in ecstacy and just reflect on a bit of a baptism of fire. For the second time in a week we hit late twice on, concede another sloppy goal yet ultimately left the ground thinking the BSP is more than a formality. No, I’m not going to say we’re absolute fucking shit, that we’ve fluked each and every one of these victories, and that it’ll be a travesty if we didn’t go down. We’ve worked bloody hard to get them, our play and passing has been pretty much on the mark and everyone else is sitting up and taking hastily scribbled notes. We have deserved three wins out of three. Yet today just felt a little bit, well, flat. A comedown from the joy of Newport or the bowel-churning parpfest that was Furruk? Actually, I think it’s really down to us putting so much effort in – both physical and mental – that we didn’t look as sharp as we could today. It does seem strange to say that when we’ve scored twice in the last ten minutes, but rather than pat ourselves on the back and say how wonderful we are, we seem to be relishing the break of seven days without a game more. Certainly TB’s comments afterwards (see below) seemed to suggest that.

That’s no bad thing . It means we’re concentrating, rather than cruising along thinking it’s going to be piss every week. Today, the first half hour or so, we just didn’t really look there – certainly can’t recall too many chances somehow. And yet, and yet, and yet………. I really hope AFCW or somebody sorts out online video, because you’ll wear out your mouse button just looking at Finn’s strike over and over again. Seriously – outside the box, right foot volley (I think) and bam. If that was on telly, they’d still be playing it as the programme ended.

Purchase Ambien Cr Online After that, we seemed to play quite well really. Which makes their goal on 45 minutes even more annoying. Do we fine our players if they keep a clean sheet? That’s three games in a row that we’ve let in a goal that a backline of Douglas Bader, Stevie Wonder, a dead Georgian soldier and Nick Roddis would have kept out. Do we need to invest in electrodes for our defence, and operate them whenever the opposition has a free kick? Whatever was shoved up the team’s collective poop chute at half time, I think it worked. Today, as Tuesday, we were on top for the most part. Yet unlike Furruk there was no real sense that we’d get any strikes this time. Not that I’m saying that BRT would have popped up right at the end, netted, then celebrated like they’d won the UEFA Cup (though last season that would have certainly happened).

When Sam Hatton managed to shoot directly at the keeper when all he needed was to put it either side, you just thought that seven points out of nine wouldn’t be a bad start. We would have accepted that at 2.59pm last Saturday, at least. But we kept going, kept pressurising, and when we finally found a way through, Jon Main proved why we signed him for £25m. And after that, there was no way we were going to lose. If you watch a top four Prem side, you’ll note that the opposition can get at them for 85 minutes but never ninety. Witness Liverpool at Sunderland today : 85 minutes of shite, up pops Torres and Liverpool won the game there and then.

As Main struck, you knew we’d won. OK, Mason’s goal was a nice bit of cake icing, and I’m always pleased when we realise that it’s easier to defend two goals than just one. But today could have come directly from the Yernited/Chelski/Arse/Bindippers manual. I think that might be a good sign. Anyway, while we get a week to iron out any deficiencies, see how many mistakes and areas for improvement you can find in the next section of writing……

Plus points: We won. At KM. Played reasonably well. Finn. Alan Inns. Kennedy. JM’s strike. Never gave up or sat back. Decent passing at times.

Minus points: Conceding again. Not quite with it at times.

The referee’s a……: Cock stain. Seriously, all this “Respect The Ref” thing is a crock of shite, especially when he doesn’t give pretty blatant penalties, and books over five players in a game I’d hardly call dirty. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us get about five red cards this season, and none of them for anything remotely cynical or dangerous. I’m not saying sides should harange the referee whenever they get a throw-in against them, but you can expect some of the jumped up little council workers to enjoy their extra little bit of power….

Them: Duncan Jupp Jupp Jupp, fucked it up up….. actually, he didn’t. He was the captain, got treated to “Womble Reject” and led a committed if slightly lacking outfit. Didn’t half look pissed off at the end though. Their #3 reminded me a lot of Perry Groves, though that’s more down to his standing in the popularity stakes. Off the field, I thought they would give the Jupp Appreciation Day more of an airing, but I suppose after their clubhouse burnt down they were a tad subdued. Understandable, really. I do hope for their sake that it wasn’t an insurance job, and “only” arson or an accident. That would lose them a lot of sympathy if that was the case, and prove fatal to them in the long run. Still, they seemed decent enough people.

Meet the manager: As usual when I’m on WDON duties, I get TB’s comments after the game. See below:

TB on Bognor – click here

Some thoughts : I don’t think there was too much that we didn’t know already. He’s clearly content thus far, though still thinks we’re a forward short, although one does wonder if he’s starting to get a bit fed up with Belal/Sully’s continued slow progress. Doesn’t seem to want to panic-buy, and why do I get a hunch we might get another Luis Cumbers-esque loan? Also, he does seem to be preparing us for our inevitable slip-up….

Point to ponder: Looking at some of the other scores, and especially Team Taxpayer – are we suffering as usual from the Cup Final effect? OK, we seem to cope with it a bit better, but this is the second game in a row where the opposition have been happy to defend to the point it kills them. Again, it’s a compliment and a half to us, but when you consider that Taxpayer stuffed Furruk 4-1 you do wonder how we’re clearly good enough yet still don’t seem to get those stonking scorelines. Maybe it’s time to read the Yernited/Chelski/Arse/Bindippers manual again?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) 2741 there, which was lower than Tuesday. Go figure. (2) What the fuck was their mascot all about? Was it a demented squirrel? Or was it a Hanna Barbera-type bear with some of the most shifty eyes going? Whatever, it seem very friendly with Tintin Haydon, posing for photos and even skipping off together at one point. One hopes the two of them didn’t do that when they got out of uniform. (3) Leaving SW19 Towers today, I saw a kid in an AFCW t-shirt. Speaking Polish. Wonder what AFCW’s reach to locals of Eastern European extraction is? Maybe sufficient enough to have a Polish page in our programme (“Uwaga! Szukamy wspolnikow w Polsce….”), which will at least make more sense to your average Womble than some features in the past. (4) Speaking of today’s programme, are there no other pictures of Caroline Barker (BBC Non League show, Chelmsford fan and everyone’s favourite Essex bird) about? Just want to know what the hell she was sitting on when they took that photo…..

Anything else? Yeah, seems like there was a collection of police vehicles outside the game afterwards. Apparently, and this is only speculation at this point, it was some youngsters drinking alcohol in the TE and acting like they couldn’t handle half a shandy. Allegations that a phone was stolen by them afterwards were also made. Wonder if it was the same retarded mongs seen drinking cans of Carlsberg in the TE on Tuesday and got all pissy when the stewards clocked them?

Anyway, the point of all this is that we’ve got Bromley at KM next. Cue “Green Street” DVDs, identikit “loyalist” slogans, internet posteuring and the collective cacking of pants if they ever came across proper hooligans. Meanwhile, a fanbase sighs and rolls its eyes towards the sky.

All this leads me to put these words down. At some point, maybe even this season, our wannabe “lads” will find themselves in a situation that they can’t handle. Think of those ex-league clubs in the division above us, who we could feasibly meet this season. And don’t forget, we’re travelling longer distances this season, and will bump into some groups anyway. Those of us who saw Birmingham v West Brom at Sheffield station in 2001/02 will know what I will be hinting at here.

I also make no bones about putting this bit in, because I’ve read accounts of this recently. It’s not been unknown to hear of stabbing incidents either involving football fan scuffles. I know of two incidents in the late 90s/early 2000s where knives have been used against Wimbledon fans (Sheffield Wednesday and Crystal Palace), and by the sounds of it this problem hasn’t died away. Suddenly, the posteuring and hard man persona doesn’t seem so glamourous does it?

Next time you see our wannabe “lads” acting up, just think how they’d react with a couple of proper thumps to the face. Or worse…….

So, was it worth it? Yeah, it was all right.

In a nutshell: Anyone who says “Champions by Christmas” gets it.