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Spitfired Another game I manage to end up missing, and more disconcertingly another game I’m glad I took a rain check on. Judging by everyone’s reaction to last night, this was shite. I won’t repeat what’s been said, you’ll probably have flashbacks. Yet this has gone on for far too long now to be just dismissed as “one of those games”. How many more of “one of those games” are we going to have?

I’m not sure at the moment if we can call it a blip – this seems standard for us ever since the H&Y game some while back. It’s quite worrying that rather than our home form being a catalyst for our away form, it’s gone the other way. So all of a sudden we can’t win on the road or at KM?

Order Tramadol With Paypal OK, I didn’t see the game (Greg V did, his report follows my own missives), but most disturbingly of all, I can certainly imagine how bad it was. And I just can’t see a way out of it right now. When we got stuffed against Wycombe (which is ironically where I was last night – maybe our humiliation wasn’t so humiliating after all?), I honestly thought we’d hit back, get it out of our system. If anything, we’ve got worse. Has our belief really been eroded that much? Or is it a case of the opposition sussing us out? Either way, that ain’t good.

So, what now? Well, looks like the SLP is already hinting at some changes. Especially this bit: “Manager Terry Brown revealed on Saturday he would have to let players go Tramadol Online Pets before bringing anyone else in, so the arrival of midfielder Dwane Lee has hastened the need to get some squad members off the wage-bill.”

Order Tramadol American Express Bold bit mine. So, are we about to shed all pretence of stability and crank up the revolving door just in time for Xmas? Lee has already come in from yesterday, though I’m not sure why he played if he’s short of match fitness. Are we that desperate? Has TB really lost patience this quickly? Or are the powers-that-be suggesting that maybe it would be good for the club finances to get promotion again this season…?

Personally, if it came to it, I’d rather us sit this season out, keep doing the Kedwell-type purchases and get this squad into some resemblance of a unit. We just about put up with it last season because we went up, but it’s something I’m not sure helped us in the long run. Why? Well, whenever you hear the words “loan signing” now, you can’t help thinking back to games last season with the likes of Grazioli, Kneissel and various other transients. I don’t think it does a lot for team stability, although right now having a settled squad isn’t doing much good either.

Buying Tramadol Uk As usual, guess we’ll have to wait and see. That all said, if we did go down that path, we wouldn’t be the only ones. A quick trip outside the AFCW cocoon shows that other sides in higher divisions than us are also going for a mass of loanees. Wrexham have signed about five in the last week (and a couple of them are injured already – how AFCWesque) for their own push back to the Football League. Clubs like Stevenage are doing it too, and even the all-conquering Wycombe have two strikers that belong to other clubs.

Uk Tramadol Online Perhaps this is going to be the way forward for many ambitious clubs? Certainly at this level, you have to be pretty lucky to have a settled squad that wins things. I presume that it’s a good, cheap(er) way of getting in better players without having to commit them to contracts, especially as going full time has hurt a lot of clubs. Certainly the likes of QPR, Gillingham and whoever else you can think of never seem short of players to lend out. Whether that’s down to an obsession with foreign imports I don’t know, but we certainly wouldn’t be able to sign a Luis Cumber normally.

Signing players is always a risk. A Jon Main signing can also turn out to be a Danny Webb signing if you get it slightly wrong. As the upper reaches of non-league takes on League 2.5 all the time, there are less and less players coming through who you consider non-league standard. Clubs these days do have to sign better players, and obviously bank balances aren’t nearly as bloated at this level.

Of course, it’s not a habit I particular like, and I’d rather us stick it out with a few decent full-time signings here and there. Mind you, at the same time, I’m not particularly into the habit of losing…

Tramadol Sale Online Uk Following a rather worryingly inept home performance against HARB on sat. Here’s what TB had to say “I thought their defence gave us absolutely nothing and their forwards caused our back four considerable problems. The absence of Luke Garrard will cause us a headache especially in home games. Ben Judge has played at right back a considerable number of times and his strengths are more defensive than attacking. For us to play our passing football I need both full backs to offer us options in wide areas. I didn’t think our back four worked hard enough to retain possession or make good use of the football. This is an area we will be working harder at on Tuesday”.

Last nights ‘6 pointer’ took on significant importance. With no other games in the BSS a win would have put us a clear 2nd with games in hand on Chelmsford. It would also put a run of indifferent results behind us and prove that our squad has enough quality to deal with our current injury problems.

If we ever needed to find our early season confidence, tonight was a good time to start. However, Tiger Moths 0 Spitfires 2 left a very bitter taste in the mouth and our first league home defeat sucked big time. Before last night, Eastleigh were 4th in the ‘Form Table’ (W4, D0, L2) and we were 10th (W2, D2, L2). Their last 2 away games saw a 3-1 win against early pace setters Team Bath and an impressive 4-1 win at Maidenhead so it was expected to be a tough game TB shuffled the pack looking for a stronger midfield and introduced

Tramadol Purchase Canada Dwane Lee, a signing from BSP team Kettering. Also back from his 1 match suspension was Davis with Leberl, Adjei and Godfrey being sacrificed. Main and Kedwell starting was a major boost.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite happen last night. The free flowing, passing game which served us well in the first 7 or 8 games was back but there was just no cutting edge. The back four were certainly working harder as TB had asked and with Hussey supplying decent passes down the line and into the box, the opening period looked promising. Then the fuckers scored and whilst we didn’t panic and continued to play our passing game, you sensed that we were never going to get back into it. At 1-0 you got the feeling that if we did equalize it would be an ‘out of the blue’ Hattonesque strike or a scrambled effort going in off someone’s arse. When they got the penalty to make it 2-0, it just rubbed salt in the wounds.

Ordering Tramadol From Canada This result is a real reality check. Eastleigh are no mugs. They came here and did a job on us. They aren’t the best team we’ve played this season but what they did, they did effectively and TBH turned in the sort of performance we needed to. But hey, they’ve been around longer and I’m sure we can learn a lot from this.

Order Tramadol Online Cheap Plus points: A resemblance of the team that started the season. Husseys consistency. Kedwell running for 90 minutes

Minus points: Losing (at home). Lack of creativity in the final third. Main not having a left foot. The fucking cold.

The twat in black: Every week you hope that the whistle blower will be half decent and each week they wheel out another shit bag. Mr McCoy was by far, one of the worst. Assisted by Mssrs Tweedle Dee and Dum, they put in a performance of ineptitude not seen for some time at KM. Giving Eastleigh free kicks when little or no contact was made then ignoring the 2 footed lunges made on ours certainly got the crowd riled. One particular ‘Bruce Lee’ kick which almost severed Goodliffes gonads was particularly nasty. The chant of “One Nil to the Referee” will give you some idea of the feeling of injustice. Cunt. Them: About 20 or so supporters made the journey up for their cup final. Wonder how many they take for a really important game? I know it was a cold Tuesday night but it aint that far? Took their shirts off after the pen went in. Pompey fans in disguise? I think so. Eastleigh strikers went down quicker than Abbi Titmuss in a field of cocks. Shame on you!

Truth is stranger than fiction: Merton Abbey Mills were present as match sponsors and I couldn’t help but smile (the only time I did last night) at the notice on the OS at one of the traders: “Transfix Body Studio Tattooing & Body Piercing – Transfix Body Studio is a friendly, family run tattoo and body piercing studio that will soon be the official provider of AFC Wimbledon tattoos.”

Can You Order Tramadol Online Legally How many other clubs can boast an ‘Official Tattoo Provider?’ And will they do under 16’s for free? Anything else? Was it just me or did anyone else think AL lined his wall up a bit shit? You could see exactly where it was gonna go and AL didn’t move. Their scorer hardly put any swerve on the shot to put it in the corner. At least make it hard for him

So was it worth it? If we learn from it – yes. But somehow I doubt we will In a nutshell: Fuck shit wank