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Not quite Anfield

Published by REPD on 28 February 2009

I guess this is what the proverbial bad weekend feels like. Sucks, doesn’t it? Immediately after Hawks 0 Pigeons 0, and after hearing yet another late winner for the Axewounds, I felt not only like we’d lost, but suddenly dipped into third place and lost twelve points in the process. I’ve never seen people look so glum since, well, half time against Worcester last Tuesday. Strange thing is, I don’t think we played that badly today. At some point this was going to occur, and this at a place where you could justly say was a banana skin. That said, if Tom Davis had put his easier-to-score-than-miss effort about six foot lower, we wouldn’t be having this post mortem. Or is it a post mortem? As I said, we didn’t play badly, and it was only really down to the fatigue of Kedwell and Main today that got us just a point. It looked like Tuesday (and the couple of games before) had finally caught up with everyone else too – on and off the pitch. We really will appreciate this break until this time next week.

No, the real reason for all the doom and likely wrist-slitting is down to events in Worcestershire. Is it me or do the Axewound’s late winners remind you of Chelmsford’s late winners around the turn of the year? It was point out on here only last week I think : teams who constantly get late goals are lucky, not good. At some point, the late winners for the Axewounds will dry up. They did for us earlier in the season and they did for Chelmsford around the New Year.

This in itself wouldn’t the cause of too much anguish, but they still have a game in hand this Tuesday, at home to Newport who just so happen to have a shite away record. So, by Tuesday evening, we can expect the points gap to be down to four. Or five if you count goal difference. What a difference a week could make, eh? More I reflect on proceedings today, one thing does jump out more than anything : it’s still in our own hands. In fact, it’s still in our own hands as much as it was after Chelmsford, and Barf City, and H&Y, and…. you get the idea. What is certainly vital now is TB getting in somebody up front as cover, a fact he admits to here. Had we had a striker on the bench (as in, had Belal been more reliable), this game could have been won. Like AL’s injury, it’ll now force us to look for reinforcements. This could be a vital time of the season signing wise. It’s a real shame there isn’t a Marcus Gayle available who’ll be ready to come down to us for one last stab at glory.

At the same time though, there’s no point in getting a Grazioli in just for the sake of it. We must avoid panic-buying, it’s a waste of money and can disrupt the team. I would hope we’re phoning up Gillingham right now asking if Luis Cumbers fancies another run-out – he seemed to like playing for us. Failing that, how about a cheeky bit for Yaku from a certain team not too far away…?

Ambien Online Shopping I suppose I ought to write something about the game. Our passing got better in the second half, we looked lethargic at times. Some good defending. All in all, I’m not that upset by the result and performance, which says something quite profound. Dunno what though…..

Plus points: We didn’t lose. Played decently enough. Clean sheet

Buy Zolpidem Er Minus points: We didn’t win. Gap at top narrows. Front two look knackered. Worcester City’s defence.

The referee’s a….: Spunk stain. I mean, he seemed to have this complete inability to play advantage (he did it on more than the odd occasion), and did love to give decisions against us….

Them: If they played like that every week, they really would be up there in the chasing pack. But they don’t, and in all honesty I don’t think they were quite the quality to be up at the top. Still, they took two points off us. Seemed a nice little ground as it goes, maybe their trip up to Anfield paid for it? Shame they forgot little things like additional toilets (when will football clubs realise that portaloos are NOT a suitable alternative for a proper bog?) No comment on speed of getting food either. Also, was it me or was the stewarding a bit on the jobsworthy side? Guess that’s something they really did pick up from the FAC last season….

Buy Ambien Online Overnight Cod Point to ponder: Tony Finn. Is there any point in starting him? If we’d started Tom Davis, Finn could have come on for either Main or Kedwell and his pace would have shitted the undergarments of their tiring defenders. When he starts though, it’s like he regresses into a Ryman One player. His lack of control at times was painful. OK, he got better in the second half, but really, he’s gone one more game towards him being on the “out” list at the end of the season. On the positive side for him, at least he got to the game on time for once. Three’s a crowd: 1756, of which 801 were us, apparently. Hmm, so we take up behind the goal and half of one side, plus whoever was sitting down? Trust me, we outnumbered the home fans as well, unless their ground actually holds 3000 and not 5000. Normally, I get annoyed when the usual hysterical shrieking about other teams’ attendances gets put about by our fans, but today I’m not sure I blame them. Oh, and we were either very noisy or virtually silent today. Very eery… Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) One of their stands is named “Don’s Doors”. Is that like Don’s Shop? (2) Who was the minute silence for? (3) People being advised on more than one occasion that parking on the grass verge would have got them clamped and/or a parking ticket – this despite the stewards telling them to park on there once the car park became full. Leading to the sight of AFCW fans literally getting their tenners back so they could move them. Just imagine the absolute power trip the traffic warden would have had this afternoon. Wonder if having to pay again would have added more towards the attendance figure?

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Anything else? Just really thinking about the fallout of today. People don’t seem as pissed off on reflection as they were after the game, because there’s a growing sense of belief that we’ll pick up again after a little rest. And that the Axewounds really cannot keep their run going – by the sounds of it Worcester played well today and were basically robbed. Sadly though, it seems that we won’t be able to rely on Chelmsford to do us any favours. They lost again, and I guess we can call it an implosion now. Maybe they’ll pick up form again soon? Would be good timing. I guess what we’re waiting for now is for Newport to do us an unlikely favour. Work willing, I may pop down there on Tuesday, and pretend to be Welsh. Now, where’s the nearest holiday home…? So, was it worth it? Pass

Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills

Zolpidem Purchase Online In a nutshell: Not quite so easy now is it?

Buy Ambien Cheapest And finally: Yes, I really am looking after Big Tissue at the moment. I have to write a more measured match report on today, though that won’t be up until Monday. The deal is that I keep it regularly updated, ie once a day or once every two days, which as we have no match this week may make life interesting. And you think this place scrapes the barrel sometimes. Anyway, tune in as often as you can, you’ll never know what you’ll find…