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While you’re waiting

In that rather strange lull before the fixture storm, and as the editor is still Sudafeded up (not to mention being hot and sweaty all day, and not in a good way either), SW19 is about to make some predictions for who we’re going to play, and when.

Here goes….

First game : Chester away
First home game: Rushden and Diamonds (first midweeker of the season)
Last game of the season: Stevenage home
Last away game of the season: Eastbourne Borough
Xmas/New Year games: Handy (home on Boxing Day)
August Bank Holiday/Easter games: Crawley (away on August Bank Holiday)
Game nearest your editor’s birthday (25/10): Altrincham home
Away at Luton: 5 December
Away at Oxford: 20 March

Tune in at this time tomorrow, see how wrong I got it.

Also, the club has a podcast up. Nothing you didn’t really know already, although it is rather an interesting move by TB to play two sets of 11 for the Wycombe and Brighton games. I know he’s telling us not to panic if we lose 7-0, but somehow you get the feeling it will be a bit of a dent to our psyche if we did…