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More fixtures and fittings

Purchase Tramadol Online Cod Published by REPD on Tramadol Buy Online Usa 3 July 2009 Firstly, a quick apology for those who couldn’t get onto SW19 earlier this morning. Annoyingly, only a couple of people were able to read what I wrote below... As it’s all starting to sink in a bit more, a few thoughts…

Does seem that already there have been some barbs in our direction about how we “only” have 700 or so spaces for away fans. No doubt there will be talk about how away fans will get in the home end etc etc.

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We haven’t really considered away fan capacity simply because we haven’t needed to. Off the top of my head, only Chelmsford, FCUM, Torquay and Wycombe have ever filled up what we’ve given them. Yes, KM has already been outgrown, we’re fully aware of that. But really, I couldn’t give a flying one about how we treat away fans. To do well in the Conf next season, we’ll need all the advantages we can get. If that extends to putting our own fans first at home, so be it. At times in the past, Fortress KM has felt more like Theme Park KM – a place where visitors have a really good time. We can’t do that any longer.

Tramadol Cheap Online We’ll need to build a bit of a siege mentality up now, a kind of fuck-you-you’re-wrong-fuck-you-we’re-right attitude. In other words, we may need to make KM more like PL, even more than what PL was. Just imagine Luton coming down on the 8th/7th/9th, realising they’re not being roared on by their own support because they’ve been given the crappy bit. Anyway, looks like Mick Harford is looking forward to it. He seems to “get it”. I do like the way Luton’s website refers to us as “local”, even if it is around the M25 and up the M1 a little bit.

Ceefax has also gotten in on the act. Mind you, care for a quick game of “spot the difference”?. Exhibit A: lutonceefax1And now, Exhibit B:

lutonceefax2Hmm. This really did change when I was taking the snapshot. One wonders if a frantic phone call from darkest Buckinghamshire was being made earlier this afternoon, and threatening the BBC withdrawal of the Frenzydome’s facilities in future. You know, the “special” ones….? Some more thoughts about the upcoming months. Wonder if now we know the fixtures – and therefore what we need to do in the first month or so – if that will have any bearing on who else TB signs before then? Expect to see one more Brett Johnson-esque signing if so. That said, for the inexperienced players, there won’t be a better time to get aquainted with life in the big boys league. Does seem that there’s going to be times when our squad will be tested – there’s about five midweekers in the first two months alone.

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Tramadol Online Best Price One thing that certainly can’t be said is that we won’t be up for this game. It really is our cup final, at least until we start treating these games like every other league fixture anyway. If this isn’t an incentive for any wavering player to get fit and ready for the upcoming season, nothing will be. As we all know, there is going to be a lot of meeja attention for Luton, televised or not, and what better way of putting yourself in the shop window or to make your mark to the rest of the division?

And don’t forget, Barrow had Oxford first game of last season and won 3-0…