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Down on the Farn

First, when it comes up an apology for the shiteness of the Official Site’s match report. Basically, I was asked to do it about 10 minutes after the final whistle without me even bothering to make notes. Oh well….

Anyway, Don’t Call Us Farnborough Town 1 Call Us Wimbledon 2. Game of two halves, basically. First half we were good, Hussey and Duncan tearing their arseholes apart, some good crossing, and well worth a 2-0 lead. Brett Johnson and Lewis Taylor netting. Second half? Meh. Think we were either a bit bored or looking forward to Luton next week.

Which is a bit of how I feel about writing this report right now, if truth be told. This has felt a rather short pre-season, a bit too short in all honesty. Now the season tickets are being delivered, and the reality of playing Luton is finally about to set in, I just can’t help thinking we’re going through the motions right at this moment.

I wrote before the PSFs that these weren’t awe inspiring pre-season games, and we’ve been proved right. If today had been throughout the whole game rather than just the first half, I would have been saying how lean and mean we looked, and how Luton would be wise not to get too cocky next week, lest they be sporting an additional arsehole.

But for the second PSF in a row, we performed for 45 minutes against Ryman Prem level opposition. And that does worry me. I don’t doubt we’ve improved as a unit since Wycombe, but it feels like we need a couple more weeks to be ready for Luton. I know that TB has said that the main priority is avoiding injuries and getting game time, but if I’m being honest I don’t quite have that same feeling this time as I did a year ago. That said, next weeks opponents did manage to lose at the Beaverdome today….

While you compose poison emails to me for the lack of a report, here’s….

Plus points: We won. Decent first half. Hussey and DD linking up very well. Looked solid enough in defence. Can see we’re starting to click into place a bit more.

Minus points: Shite second half. Pullen’s kicking.

The referee’s a …: Didn’t seem to like us much. Certainly didn’t like DD anyway. The sort of official who I guess would have lost control of the game had this been a proper competitive fixture. Think Mr Fish but without the nervous breakdown.

Them: Well, they liked to harry us didn’t they? Or to be more accurate, niggle us. They’ll probably end up winning the Southern, by hook or by crook, they should do if they’re getting in the likes of Ibe and Sacha Opinel anyway. To be fair, they probably deserved their goal if not necessarily the win. Thought if we were going at full pelt things would have been a tad different…

Off field? Spending lots of money, £5m thus far reportedly. And yes, their ground is becoming nicer with it – even got a nice press box these days – and if/when their new stand gets built it will look like Woking. Complete with scoreboard from Stoke. £3 for their car park is a fucking piss take though, especially as you can get street parking very nearby for £0…

However, being Wokingesque is their entire problem. Yes, they’re ambitious, and yes they’ve got the comms bit a lot better than AFCW. Then again, so is SW19’s. But they’ve always been second fiddle to Aldershot, as a club and support wise. They are an old-style “traditional” top level non-league side who have been pushed out by the ex-League influx and their own mismanagement. And who, in truth, would find it very hard to cope if they were back in the BSP.

You can see what’s going to happen to them a mile off. They appear a club who spend a lot of money and probably won’t get out much at the end of it, bar some shiny new seats and stands. And one massive tax bill. You’d think they would have learnt after Graham Westley’s era, but obviously not…

Point to ponder: Anyone else think that Ricky Wellard will become the new Sam Hatton? As in, the team scapegoat. It’s obvious that he hasn’t settled in like Brett Johnson and DD have, and from watching him in these games, you can’t help thinking he will take a bit of time to justify TB’s raving. Thing is, how long will we give him? I know it wasn’t anyone’s “fault”, but the way his transfer dragged on has put a couple of peoples’ backs up, and would be expecting far more from him that is perhaps reasonable.

Today, he missed an absolute sitter, seemed to try too hard afterwards, became anonymous in the second half and was eventually subbed. He could get away with that today, he may not have that luxury when the proper stuff starts. That said, Jon Main didn’t exactly set the place on fire again…

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Their “rolling” advertising hoardings, Prem style. Obviously trying to make a good impression to everyone. Shame the effect was ruined when they advertised Canterbury (gone bust) and the Blue Square Premier on Setanta (nuff sed….) (2) Jamie Pullen’s “kick” to their #18. (3) Their #18’s subsequent complete inability to shoot on target. It really must be pre-season. (4) The WDON commentary position suffering the effects of a leaking roof. And it’s August.

Anything else? Not really. I believe Harry’s post-game Q&A went down very well, seemed to have loads of people signing autographs. Isn’t it nice to see clubs bring out old WFC people whenever we visit. Especially when there’s money to be made out of us…

So, was it worth it? As the Ashes were rained off, suppose so.

In a nutshell: Roll on Luton. Please.