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Bourne of Frustration

If you were to tell me two games into life in the BSP that we’d have one point, I would have taken that quite happily.

Although after God’s Waiting Room 1 God’s Own Team 0, perhaps not in the order in which we did it.

It seems that plenty of people thought we were unlucky last night, and in a way we were. They had one shot on target, from 25 yards or so out, and needless to say, it managed to annoy the fuck out of me. Us? Well, DK had a chance that was saved and had it gone in we would have won the game even from the first half. There was another header in the second half that again needed their keeper at full stretch, and if that had gone in etc etc. That sort of thing.

But at times last night, I couldn’t help thinking this was post-Luton comedown. We kept giving the ball away a lot at times, and the longer the game went on the less likely we were to score. You could sense that in the four additional minutes, especially when we showed a bit of a disturbing lack of urgency in getting the ball up into the box. You know, traditional Wimbledon style…

Suppose I shouldn’t be surprised really. TB before the game suggested that we were all chomping at the bit, which almost certainly means that we’ll end up losing. Ever watch those old war films where a soldier is about to get married when he returns from duty and then gets killed in the next scene? I think that’s the footballing equivalent.

That said, even though we lost, I don’t think we looked out of our depth. Skill wise I think we were better than them, but like Luton they have something that we haven’t quite developed yet – nouse. Yes, they timewasted after they scored, and guess what? They beat us. They got the three points at our expense. But it’s more than that – they were able to close us down quicker and stopped us playing the game we wanted to play.

But dealing with that will only come through experience of playing BSP football. We already know what’s different in this league to the BSS, and I think we have the talent and aptitude to bridge that gap. If we don’t show an improvement in ten games time I’d start to worry, but somehow you get the impression our first win will propel us. As long as we don’t leave that too long…

Anyway, it’s Kettering on Saturday. Where there’s plenty of talk of boycotting going on here, though one suspects there’ll be plenty of us up there after all. At least we know what to expect a bit more now.

Plus points: We’ll stay up. Makings of a decent enough team when it all gels

Minus points: We lost. Post-Luton comedown. Losing our way a bit when 1-0 down. Quite impotent up front.

The referee’s a…: Speaking of impotent, obviously the linesman took plenty of viagra in the first half. Unfortunately, it didn’t work in the way intended, because in the first half he kept raising his flag like a signal at Clapham Junction. Even when we were about 10 yards onside. Not only that, but it seemed to wear off in the second half.

Them: They seemed nice enough people, and their ground is neat enough. Woefully under-facilitied (?) for the amount of support though – one burger outlet and a 1 hour wait is a piss take. Especially as unlike KM there aren’t any catering facilities outside which lessens queues.  Team? As somebody pointed out last night, I’d like to have played them when we’re settled more as a squad.

Oh, and when they scored, they immediately piped out Tom Hark over the PA. I really hate music after goals, even (or especially) at AFCW. It seems to say to the supporters that your celebrations aren’t really worth all that, so here’s some artificial stimulant. And they wonder why atmospheres at grounds aren’t what they used to be.

Point to ponder: Why was Ricky Wellard doing what looked like speed and stamina tests before the game? I get the feeling we’ll see more of him towards the middle bit of the season rather than right this instant. Christ, it’s currently a big step up for those who have had Conf football experience…

Three’s a crowd: 3108. Not to be sniffed at, though one wonders if our end would have been more full had it (a) been a Saturday, and (b) not so confusing about the ticket arrangements beforehand. Which, incidentally, is something else we’ll need to get used to – buying tickets beforehand. Then again, if you remember the WFC days you should cope OK with that. Also, was it me or were we a bit quiet? Though having a pub over 15 minutes away and no access to the bar may have contributed to that.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Why was there a guy in a Slough Town shirt in our end? (2) The Eastbourne drummer, who spent 90 minutes warming up and/or taking drumming lessons. (3) Not winning away since the Furruk game in February. And even that was because of loanee A Divot. Trouble is, I can see that unenviable record remaining intact for a while. (4) Did their PA bloke sound like he was losing it a bit? Even described the dirge of the first half as “excellent entertainment”.

Anything else? I wrote this in my notes towards the end of last night, see if it makes sense.

“Difference between BSP and BSS : this time last year, 0-1 down, pulverised Furruk, got win. This year, 0-1 down, similar but Eastbourne Borough had that little bit more”.

Apart from the insinuation that we pulverised EB last night (we certainly didn’t), I think that pretty much hits the nail on the chrome plated head. If you read back for last season’s Furruk game, I made mention that we’d have to be a bit patient and pick teams apart. Do we have that luxury this season? Possibly, but only when we realise that nobody is going to give us anything now. If BSS sides were scared of the DK/JM partnership, the BSP ones are taking one look and thinking “meh”.

The club and TB have a three year plan to get into the League. Personally, I think we’ll need a bit longer than that, but their basic premise is right – this won’t happen overnight. We are all expecting this team, this unit, to start gelling together by about October. And even then that’s a first step.

It could well be that DK and JM may not be BSP quality after all, but we’ll see how this season develops. Already, people are talking about JM coming on as an impact player, which would be one helluva difference from last season. Already, our attitudes towards how good/bad certain players are have changed. What are we, less than a week into the season? Satan help us when we get into October, we’ll probably have replaced half the squad.

So, was it worth it? Preferred it if we didn’t lose, somehow.

In a nutshell: The curve of learning continues.