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Salisbury Plain

OK, I know I don’t do evening games etc etc, but after Wizards 4 Druids 0 I feel I’ve got to write something.

Even if was because the game ended up with Danny Webb in goal 😉

If you were to tell me that we would end up winning this game by this scoreline earlier tonight, I probably would still be laughing at you. But I suppose we really did deserve this one. OK, there were instances where we still looked shaky, but at other times there was a bit of the BSS style rampaging going on.

As the game is still fresh in my mind, a few bullet points instead of a proper report:

– Danny Kedwell really has stepped up to the plate this season already. He looks at ease in this division, even if the opposition defenders don’t. Only blot on an otherwise good evening was him pulling something. That said, he did walk off unaided.

– Unfortunately, I can’t really say the same about Jon Main right now. It might be a little bit harsh to call him the weak link up front at this stage of the season, but he hasn’t quite gotten into this division at all has he? Obviously he needs time, but the longer he’s as ineffective as he is, the more TB’s purse strings will start to get twitchy.

– Luke Moore. Wow. And I’m not just referring to his first thunderbolt of a goal either.

– Indeed, it seems that most of even those from the RP days are settling down a bit better now. The likes of Hussey and Hatton are coping better, and it was good to see Pullen keep a clean sheet. To be fair, he has justified thus far his pre-season comments of him being more than ready for this league.

– Ricky Wellard started, and I think we’ll see the best of him towards the season’s end more than right now. Can’t help thinking he’ll be brought on slowly this season, with a full 90 minutes in an FAT game. It’s times like this that I wish our reserves played in a better division..

– Salisbury weren’t Kettering, and I mean that in a good way. They knew how to pass the ball about, looked pretty threatening at times, and this could have swung the other way on another day. Them’s the breaks. Ironically managed to play better when they were down to 10 men.

– Of course, tonight saw the return of one Mr Daniel Webb. Salisbury have finally gotten the hint and decided to play him as a sub, but in defence too. What we didn’t know was that he could also play in goal a little  bit as well. Yes, that’s correct – when we got our penalty, their keeper was sent off, and on came the man who had more clubs than YE Yang’s sponsor.

Actually, he wasn’t that bad in goal, certainly could kick better than JP anyway. Indeed, he saved Sam Hatton from scoring with a decent enough block. The chants of “Why’d you ever play up front?” and “England’s Number One” weren’t entirely made in jest either. Maybe. Whatever, it was by far the most competent performance he ever put on the KM pitch.

– Oh, and apparently, Webb is now training to be a plumber. For once, I’m not feeling cruel enough tonight to make a joke about that…

– Wasn’t it nice to hear our name on the BBC R5 classifieds after the game? Also, for the first time in ages, I find out the result of the next opponents via the radio and think “hmm, that’s going to be a tough one”.

– Come to think of it, it’s even nicer to see we’re sixth in the table on SSN.

– Quite a decent contingent down from Stonehenge land. One question though – they all seemed to be bunched up together at the side of the KRE and not behind the goal as one would expect. As far as I know, they got the whole KRE, so why this bizzare solidarity? Are they all related? Were they hoping they would be near the bar/bogs/food outlet? Or, given their part of the world, was it some solstice thing where magnetic fields from the Gods just happened to be parallel to the penalty box?

– Finally, it seemed like common sense prevailed a bit and people were allowed in the bars at half time. Which is contrary to what was intimated beforehand. In fact, I think this will be in place for most evening games, which is rather sensible a decision to make. Not to mention a necessary one, especially if we start playing badly.

– Oh, and 3500+ ain’t too shabby on a Tuesday evening…