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Very quick Cambridge preview Published by REPD on 12 September 2009

As I’ve neglected to mention the two AFCW games I saw this week…

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This is a strange one today, and I’m not sure whether it’s down to the fact that this game isn’t all ticket now. Maybe we’re not so enamoured with the ex-League outfits so much now, that the novelty of them has worn off? Whatever, today feels a bit more of a routine game, if that makes sense. We’re playing well, with luck we won’t get stuffed 7-0 by them like poor FGR did last week. And, in a surefire way of proving the season is in full swing, we have an injury crisis. Got to say, I ought to be worried that Pullen isn’t playing and Seb Brown is. But if last week up in the Midlands proved anyway, there wasn’t the “oh shit” factor about him that has clouded our judgement on so many other keepers since 2002. Also coming today is Ross Montague. I had a butchers at him at the hastily-arranged Godalming game on Monday, and  he seemed to equip himself well enough. Trouble with those sorts of contests is that you never really seem to see players at anything remotely approaching their full potential. The fact that Brentford were still determined to keep him on but couldn’t hold on any longer may be a good omen…

Other than that, it’s a case of as you were. I’m glad Wrexham was called off because I don’t think we would have coped mentally and physically at the moment, but we’ve had a week off now. The signs of fatigue were clear at Tamworth.

Order Zolpidem Overnight That said, never underestimate the psychological boost a win today would give us. Since 2002, we’ve beaten both Aldershot and Ebbsfleet and, er, that’s about it for the biggies. Wycombe, Luton, Oxford and Torquay to name but four have all been “big” games we’ve failed to win at. At some point, we have to start getting three points from those outfits. Today wouldn’t be a bad time to do it either.

We don’t look nervous as an outfit now, certainly not compared to Luton and even Eastbourne. What a difference a month makes. We may be nineth but only three points behind third (with a game in hand). And it’s almost impossible to comprehend that we’re very close to have played a quarter of the games already. If we finish 9th by May, it would have been in line with many predictions before the season start. Thing is, you would now feel a tad disappointed by it… PS: Yes, I know the tags to your right have disappeared this week. My bad. Will look into it this upcoming seven days.

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