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Ebb and flow, part deux

And here’s the second installment of the Ebbsfleet game, courtesy of Baskers…

Twice in the same season REPD has let me loose on the SW19 readership. Joy I hear you all say – time for some more inane ramblings from a lad
who promised to a streak should we be promoted in our Ryman Premier season…

Actually, whilst I’m on the subject, I (drunkenly) posted on the WUP that we’d never get out of that poxy league (offence intended) and that the chances were so remote that I would gladly parade my body in all its glory. Typical Baskers’ luck – we get promoted.

Well, with this in mind, and for our inaugural season in the Blue Square South, I promised the same – the result: promotion. Clearly being on to something, I decided, in my head this time and standing next to a well known Womble jouro’s brother, at the sending off of Jay Conroy – that should we get a point out of the game, I would get naked. Now, I didn’t decide where or when or to whom, but we got a fucking point.

I got naked later that night and honoured my promise to the Football Gods.

Anyways – the game. Council Bought Ground for a £1 2 – 2 Fans Who Bought Ground for £2.5M (copyright 1346).

We got a point, which was nice. It was hot, which was nice. I was jetlagged, which was not nice*

[* – SW19 note: pah, try getting off a flight from Los Angeles via Chicago the very same morning as you go to Horley in the evening in sub-zero conditions. Kids today, eh?]

It was very refreshing to not having a clue where I was going but to find a sign simply saying “The Fleet” – I followed these for about 4 miles and arrived at the ground. Driving my brothers’ disabled van I was envisaging a parking nightmare… To my surprise ‘The Fleet’ had booked the Eurostar parking lot for us and charged us a fair £2 to park. Result. Kudos to them.

The game was poor to watch to be fair. They didn’t play football and neither did we. When we did we were offside (more on that later). They used their elbows a fair bit, and their fans were… well, a bit odd.

Getting a last minute equaliser was just about reward for us and kept the Wimbledon ship chugging along…

Plus Points: We didn’t lose. We kept going. Scoring a last minute equaliser. Montague.

Minus Points: Us not having Luis Cumbers. Third game in a row without a win.

The Referee’s a: A bit whistle happy. Pulled back our blatant advantage to give us a free kick which resulted in us losing possession and ex-Don Cumbers scoring… You just knew it would be one of those days. Odd decisions on when to give cards and dare I say it seemed more lenient with Gravesend & Ebbsfleet & Northfleet & Calais. Their player also put the ball in the back of the net after being called offside (clearly hearing the whistle) to not even receive a talking to, let alone a caution.

The Lino is a: Cunt. Absolute shit-stain. Seriously, did he not have a clue… I always thought that a lino manned the same side of the pitch all game (must be wrong), as this prick called at least 14 offsides. I know Ebbsfleet were playing a high line, but I don’t think that we were offside that many times… That’s back in the Rosco D’Sane era. I really felt that these officials were the weakest this season – so far they’ve all been very professional.

Them: Nice crumbly grotty ground with a good view. Easy to get to. Easy parking. Odd that we were borderline cavity searched to get into the ground… What do the cops think of us. Completely OTT. Their fans were quite until they equalised. Then quiet. Then loud when they got a ‘winner’. Then very quiet when egg was put on their face in minute 95. They didn’t seem to have any songs… Very odd. Would definitely go again and surprised we didn’t take a few more.

Would love for us to sign their tank/human hybrid Leon Crooks… Now – he’s only 23 and played a blinder. But he played for Cunts FC… Would you want him playing for us? Be interesting to hear his thoughts about them…

Point to Ponder: 10 games in. 4 wins. 4 draws. 2 defeats. If someone offered you that at the start of the season, you’d have bit their fucking arm off. I’m chuffed with that and think the fact that some of our fan base a slightly disappointed shows we’ve got a good crop of lads here that we know can do well… Will be interesting to see what our first 10 games yields for us next year.

Anything else: Nah…

In a nut shell: If we go up this year I’ll run around KM naked…