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Boo, His (part #1)

It must be that sort of day. I wasn’t at the game but Ronan was. And he’s written a bonus report report for me too – this may become a regular feature 😉

Actually, our game today didn’t sound any worse than the dirge I had to put up with at Roots Hall. I’m told there’s not much difference between the Conf and League 2. On today’s showing, League One doesn’t look much of a step up either.

At plenty of times today, I did keep thinking “give it five years and we’ll be at those sorts of places for league games”, just like I did in 2003/04 for the Conference.

Mind you, today’s game at KM had a touch of the Ryman Prem/CS about it. Whether it was the reports that Histon hardly took any, or me finding out the result and expecting that scoreline, or even reports that JM played well for once, I dunno. But we’ve got the win, and I’m glad.

Anyway, for tonight’s installment (yes, there’ll be another match report tomorrow. I hope), over to Ronan…

If you asked me even two weeks ago I’d be writing a match report, I’d have laughed my tits off. But hey, I change my mind as often as I change my underwear [every two weeks?] [SW19 note : typical dirty Dub], so here you go.I was in the posh bit today. Brought a couple of mates. Risked sitting in the same room as a couple of individuals I haven’t had the best of relationships with.

So be it. Ronan goes to a football match. The first time in years.

Plus points: There has been lots of talk about how professional the club has become over recent years. It has. Today I saw a well run machine ticking along nicely, and major kudos to the lady on the door to the President’s Lounge. The definition of professional. As were the bar staff. Oh, and 4 goals. Oh. Nearly forgot – nice toilets in the main stand, and a brilliant glass notice board thing listing the honours of Wimbledon all the way back to 1889. Well done whoever did that.

Minus points: Jaysus but the football was awful. The first half was dire. Only Hussey and Taylor gave the impression they had a bit of skill. And Inns had a big impact on the game. And on a couple of their players. Arthur Keith McGuinness warned us that Histon were a big physical side, but what annoyed me was that while Wimbledon obviously has the skill to play around that, they only did in very, very brief spurts. Of course, once the second goal went in, it all changed. Even the crowd sang a little bit. Okay, maybe I’ve been lucky to see the odd international and Premiershite game on TV since the last time I was at the CRRFSK, but I’m sure the CCL was a million times better than the crap we saw today.

The referee’s a…: For anyone who has tried to find a referee for an u12 game at 10am on a Sunday morning, he was a referee. And he turned up. That’s enough for me. However, football wouldn’t have been football without somebody behind me slating him for most of the game.

Them: Big physical side. Dominated the game, but the skill of Wimbledon came through. Sorry, but that’s how I saw it. Surprised they didn’t score.

As for their supporters, not many, but they totally out-sang the Wombles. And they only sang/chanted 7 or 8 times. Shame on you Tempest End. Well done to the kid behind me having a go at getting the crowd going.

Point to ponder: Charles Koppel is still a cunt.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Director box tickets are actually in Block L. Nice view of one end, but when one of your guests has very bad eyesight and you deliberately pay to get tickets in the middle so he can see both ends, it is a lot of money to pay when he can only see half a game. Tsk. (2) PISA sitting behind you with their children. We are all getting old. (3) The middle class have invaded. The poor child being castigated by his father for running around a bit will have to get used to it. He has been given the name Barnaby. Good luck son. (4) Getting a lift home from Simon Bassey.

Anything else? Yeah. Everybody was really nice. Everybody.

So, was it worth it? Nice day out, but I know I’m no longer a Womble. Got up and cheered etc, but it wasn’t like my first game at Selhurst when Michael Owen missed a penalty and I went on a mad football binge for a few years. Speaking of which, did you hear Michael Owen just made it 5-3 at the Manchester Derby?

In a nutshell: I went to a game today. And you won 4-0. Vote Ronan at the next election.

And finally: For fucks sake put some money over the bar. It wasn’t busy in there, and everyone buggered off quickly. Okay, the bars were booked tonight, but the least you could do is celebrate your first win in yonks and buy another pint. Nice Guiness. To Arthur!