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Only Fools Rushden… (final part)

And the third and final installment comes from Leamington Pete, aka one of the Midland branch. Bet he/they enjoy a local trip for once…

Cunty midlanders 0 – 1 Cocky midlander

Being one of my nearest games, myself and Midland Don set out jauntily with less than an hour to get there. Thanks to the A14 being closed down we missed the first goal. Or was it the first three. As we had parked around the other side we had to jog around the entire stadium, one woman said “You’re 3-0 up”. I was almost ready to go home because being 3-0 up and missing it  is as bad as being 3-0 down and being there. You know the footballing gods will dictate youll lose 4-3 and you got there to witness it.

So, as soon as we’d got in paid the outrageous sum of £16 for a seat in Stadio el Lego, we were met with a penalty given for what must have been a fart. Only the ref seemed to find fault in what was a bad clearance. Maybe he gave it for the appalling defensive workm as a coach of kids football maybe he was right… You always know when a ref gets it wrong when he stuns the home crowd and the players awarded are puzzled, but Pullen easily saved and saved again from a weak rebound.

I honestly think the rushden player was so ashamed he didnt put much effort in. The ref went on then to give everything R&Ds way, at times it was funny when seemingly fair passes were rewrded with free kicks.. “ref, thats not a foul.. theres no contact hes having a drink, its half time!”.

I can remember saying during the match its as if hes been told R&D have to win tonight, but they were so bad even his appalling reffing of the first half couldnt help and at half time he must have said “hey lads, ive given you fucking everything, what more do you want?”

How we won this game and how we now sit fourth is as surprising as the refs sudden leniency towards us. I thought we looked disjointed as a
forward unit and the amount of times we should have speculated with a shot rather than trying yet another pass to someone who wasnt there was just so bloody frustrating. James Pullen was man of the match by a long way, so that goes to show who had the play. R&d will feel aggrieved that they didnt get something out of this game. I’m not convinced of TB’s ability to find forwards. Danny Kedwell aside I saw nothing on the pitch that was goal worthy long term. Lets sell keds to some league side, and buy some greedy forwards.

Plus points: We won. James Pullen doesnt scare me any longer and Wimbledon fans do travel north. Plenty of local midland faces there too. Great rearguard action, tough in midfield at times plus some tidy neat play. The chance of note where we moved them around to flash a shot in front of goal was football purity, so there is potential there for when we get more experienced.

Minus points:
Zilcho forward concern.

The referee’s:
got SSMS (Stupid Short Man Syndrome). Horrid looking little hitler figure who enjoyed the black uniform a bit too much.

Them: Dirty ground looks only years away from resembling an eastern european crumbly. No care and attention paid by the community to their freebie lego stadium, built by a shoe entrepreneur who got bored and nicked off to the far east to find cheap labour and ladyboys. Everything was over priced, although one of the serving wenches was quite pretty.

Point to ponder: How long will R&D survive on pitiful gates in a nice stadium. Maybe they should merge with someone else.. MK?

So, was it worth it? I guess so. No goal to see, but a penalty save and a good womble atmosphere.

In a nutshell: 4th and we havent been that good.