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Well, the FAC draw has been made, and we’ve got…………..



I can sense the slight disappointment from people. It’s not the romantic lower division tie that people wanted, and it’s pretty losable too. Yet at the same time, it’s nearby, we should get a decent turnout (though some will no doubt be finding their usual justification for boycotting games 😉 ) and if the league game earlier this season is anything to go by, a decent performance won’t do us any harm.

In a way, I’m glad we didn’t get a lower division side, because one slip up against them and we’d never live it down. At least against Crawley, if we lose then you can easily say we lost to somebody in the same division. And there’s also no room for complacency that we may have had against a lower division side.

Like most, I hope we get a good cup run in both the FAC and FAT this season. But it will also teach us we have to earn it too. If we do the business on the 24th then we would have earnt our right to play Franchise. I know people will bitch and moan that we didn’t get a home draw against cannon fodder, but this will hopefully teach them that we can’t have everything our own way.

Anyway, I’m not going to be there. I’m in Paris and it’s the day before my birthday. I hope AFCW give me the same present they gave me last time…