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Hit the Wall – again

Some more random thoughts on last night:

– TB came up with an interesting observation in his post match interview :

“My boys haven’t got League experience — they haven’t even got much Blue Square Premier experience. It’s a learning curve. I’ll look to pick them up for a nice trip to Barrow on Saturday.”

Does he know that Learning Curveâ„¢ is an SW19 trademarked slogan? That’s the Chris Hussey transfer fee owed me…

– Maybe I was being a little bit too harsh last night in saying that most of our players wouldn’t be playing in League One ever? I’m probably not though, but TB’s right insofar as this lot as a unit could be pretty special in a year or so’s time. We’ve found out more about us last night than probably the last 5 or 6 games. One thing is certain though – we need to start winning games again. Barrow on Saturday wouldn’t be a bad start.

– Plenty seem to be disappointed with Derek Duncan though. I guess we’re now finding out why he doesn’t get a run of games in any team he plays for. But then, he’s got a good opportunity to replace Hussey and he’s not taken it. Yet. Also, some were still having a go at Sam Hatton last night. Why? Granted, every team has their scapegoat but why him? Yes, he can blow hot and cold, but if that’s a criteria for hating players nobody at AFCW would ever celebrate a goal.

Though to put it in perspective, we no longer have the “Hendon cunts” type comments that blighted Dave Anderson’s reign. Again, that proves how far we’ve come – four years ago, we were selling Rob Ursell and people were close to slashing their wrists and returning their season tickets because of DA’s obsession with bringing in “Hendon cunts” (as in, he was getting rid of crowd favourites to bring in his mates from North London).

Call me disrespectful of the early part of the AFCW era, but I certainly prefer this club in 2009 to the AFCW of 2005. Or indeed the AFCW between 2003 and when we got into the BSS. Then again, I bet I’m not the only one who thinks that.

– Was it me or did Lewis Taylor have his best game in our shirt last night? He seemed to relish the big occasion, and his goal was pretty much deserved. And yes, this is ironic to write considering my last comment.

– Can’t believe nobody has (as far as I’ve read so far) mentioned the return of Elliott Godfrey to the starting XI. I’d honestly thought he’d gone. Again, he didn’t disgrace himself last night. Would have liked Kennedy to be fit though. Also, probably best that Wellard didn’t play at all yesterday. A poor performance would have set him back big time. Remember Mark Quamina? Exactly.

– For once, TB didn’t try to be too clever with the team selection. And it showed (for 82 minutes). Perhaps he’s learning too? The pre-match rumours that Mickey Haswell had been re-signed simply to throw a spanner in Kenny Jackett’s plans were proven to be untrue.

– It’s always amusing to hear tales of what fans get up to at games. Reportedly a couple of Millwall just spent the entire game looking at us (including an individual in a striped shirt). As somebody put it, I know we’re a good looking bunch but still….. Maybe our stalker from Southwark was hoping to get lucky?

– Of course, we do have a couple of wannabe hard cases ourselves. We have to accept that of course, and you have to be dangerously ignorant to believe that with crowds our size we won’t have a couple of nobs. It’s not exactly Category C stuff either – one of them reportedly tried to smash a chair. Ooh, call the riot squad and Danny “Nawty” Dyer to make a documentary.

I think we all know what would happen if said individuals were cornered by those friendly Millwall chaps to everyone’s right last night. Except for the one in the stripy jumper, who would use his fist in a slightly more dubious manner.

– By the way, did Red Jacket Man turn up? I mean the proper one, not the pale and less mentally insane imitations that turned up in a red jacket. Did Springfield Hospital let him out for the evening? Or is he still in Helmand Province acting as a human mine clearer against the Taliban?

– Finally, I like the New Den. But getting away afterwards was a complete fucking joke. They obviously don’t expect many away fans down there because South Bermondsey station is simply not capable of that amount of people. Not to mention getting the train to Clapham High Street afterwards then finding out Clapham North tube was closed.

Apparently, the New Den was going to be based on a project at the time that was being planned in south-west London, called Wandle Valley. Makes you wonder what could have been, eh…………………………..?