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Post-Xmas roundup

You’re now back at work. The Xmas period has been and gone, the decorations are down and you now face 12 months of travel chaos, indifference at work and the aftermath of the persons you insulted/shagged/try to shag at your Xmas party.

The credit card bills have yet to come in, which will curtail any fun you want to have for the next four months. All in all, you have yet to experience the third week in January, which is largely considered the most depressing time of the year.

If you want to end it now, you can use this handy guide to the updates SW19 did when you were away.

On Xmas Day, there was a round-table “discussion” between four of the SW19 matchday staff about the season thus far. This was followed up the next day with some Xmas cheer at Kingsmeadow, when we put Handy to the sword. I was at Reading v Swansea that day working though, so your complaints about having to go back to work today cut no ice with me…

SW19 then went to Stevenage where we got a draw, in a performance that wasn’t actually that bad. Certainly, the predictions beforehand treated such a result as a three-pointer.

Speaking of predictions, the editor dusted down an article idea from way back when, and delivered the SW19 Predictions for 2010.

The New Year started with optimism for the twelve months ahead. Which was painfully dashed when Handy gubbed us 1-0 in the worst performance of the decade so far. Though the picture of one Terry Brown in his Hayes playing days may have been too much to bear that day.

Finally…. to cheer himself up, and to finish off a busy yultide period, the editor went to the reserves and saw us win 9-0 – complete with a few observations that may affect AFCW long term.

Got all that? I’ll give you a couple of days to get through that, you’ve got to do some work this week 😉

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