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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Well, that’s put a bit of a spanner in the works hasn’t it?

Even up until about midnight last night, while it was cold it looked like the Wankiedust had finally thawed out enough to give us some hope of Mansfield on Saturday. You can therefore imagine everyone’s horror when they woke up this morning to another couple of inches.

Although for many of the SW19 readership, waking up to something that size isn’t so unusual.

As I type, it’s trying to thaw at SW19 Towers. Which basically means that it’s starting to come off the higher branches of trees and plants, although the paths and grass are still covered. Make no mistake, this has put yet another question mark over whether Mansfield can go ahead or not.

Not that the weather forecasters are helping much. The BBC claims a thaw is on the way, so does Accuweather, the Weather Channel isn’t quite so sure and Metcheck certainly doesn’t. The problem is that there’s a fair few predictions that it will warm up by Friday, which may still be too late to sufficiently thaw out KM. And that does assume that they’ve got it right – remember what happened last week…?

Whatever happens, it’s yet another potential Saturday without anything on. And it’s putting a large spike in our momentum. That said, we’ve needed the enforced break more than some teams (IIRC Alty haven’t played since mid-December), and given us another chance to mull over how shit we were at Handy on NYD.

Anyway, looks like we’ve added to the squad, you all know about Danny Blanchett and yesterday we got Glenn Poole. Assuming that we ever play another match in 2010, it’s obvious that it’s a statement of intent by TB (and not just because we have a 100% losing record this year). Blanchett is on loan, but may be permanent come the end of the season. Poole himself is yet another one of those who seems to be on our wanted list for a while (along with Monty, Wellard and indeed Blanchett), so maybe this is going to be yet another failed consolidation season? From the OS:

“We are also looking for additional strike power and we are currently in negotiations for another front man. I think it is important in the second half of the season to have sufficient strength in every department, especially with the likelihood of a fixture backlog due to the recent bad weather. If we continue our run in the FA Trophy it will be even more imperative that we are able to rest some important players at various intervals.”

You can read that in about one of three ways. Either you can take it at face value, or we’re fighting to keep hold of DK, or we really are going to make a push for the playoffs this season. Certainly now, with where we are in the table, it will feel a bit disappointing to finish 10th.

Could we do it? Depends what you mean by “it” I suppose. If you mean getting promotion this season, it’s possible. Getting into the playoffs is certainly within grasp. The problem will come with the fallout from the fixture backlog we’ve now got.

The teams that go up this season could simply be the ones who are the least knackered at the end of the campaign. There really is going to be a perfect opportunity for one side who can remain clear of injuries and hit form at the right time, more so than any other season. It’s not beyond thinking that you could take a fortnight in March and yet be on a six game winning run. Could it be us? Probably not, as we have a habit of getting ACL injuries once a month. Plus of course, a couple of losses could also see you out of contention quicker than you know it.

There’s also the FA Trophy. Reading TB’s comments about it over the season, he clearly wants to win this. He might even consider it a priority over getting promotion. As it stands, we have to overcome Alty next Tuesday (yeah, I know…) and that doesn’t include replays. We all know why it won’t happen, but the FAT Committee should for this season just scrap the replay rule and it goes to penalties on the first game if needed.

The season is supposed to finish on the 24th April, which will come up on us rather quickly. Believe it or not, the season ends in 14 weeks time. Can’t imagine it getting extended somehow, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a side having to play four times in one week by mid-April. This is why we need a big squad, and in our case at least we can afford it. Satan help you if you’re one of those struggling sides that may just about scrape by this month as it is…