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Chester City expelled from Conference

No more needs to be said, really.

We’re still waiting the fallout from this, namely if the results get wiped out (we go 6th by the way if so), but I did have to do a screengrab of their website for prosperity:

Bet this is quite hard to take if you support them right now though – you’ve spent all this season actively hoping that your nightmare is finally over, and now the bell is tolling it still comes as a shock to the system.

Like the reformed Halifax and ourselves, they’ll find the new Chester City incarnation as bloody hard work but ultimately rewarding. As somebody pointed out elsewhere though, at least they don’t have to suffer the gut-wrenching images of other parties rubbing what they’ve stolen in their faces.

They can now concentrate on the football, which when the brown stuff hits the portable ventilation device is a suprisingly difficult thing to do. When the inevitable winding up on March 10 occurs, they’ll see what Kris Stewart meant when he said that he just wanted to watch some football. On the flip side, they’ll come across idiots who wear their ignorance as a badge of honour…

The other things. Firstly, the Conference must be pleased right now, because they got the clubs to do their dirty work for them. Nothing like taking a bit of responsibility, eh? Mind you, Chester didn’t turn up to hear their fate today – guess they really don’t care enough now. Either that or else they couldn’t look anyone in the eye.

Secondly, it’s not been a very good week if your club initials are CCFC. First Cork earlier in the week, then Chester. I bet Chelmsford are looking through all their bank statements with a worried sweat right now.

And finally – had this all been sorted out a week ago, we could have played Oxford tomorrow…