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Chocolate Teapot

Right, my brain is a bit addled from breathing in all that Yorkshire air, and I really don’t want to relive last night. Fortunately, AFCSyd has sent me a report on what really was a pile of complete horse toss.

By the way, I’m not going to Godalming tonight, so anyone fancies it…

Yorkie 5 – Bunch of girls 0

Can we please now forget about this fantasy of making the playoffs If R&D lose all their games and we win all of ours [scoff] we’ll make 5th.

When you play away from home, keep it tight for the first 20 minutes, get in the oppositions faces and keep the ball. Well 20 minutes was how long it took us to be 3-0 down! Fucking marvellous. Was their first goal the fastest goal we’ve ever conceded? Timed at between 17 and 30 seconds!

It really was shite, no truly aweful. Spent all that money going up there to watch a team on its last legs. Too many games in a short time. Legless in defence, midfield missing and light-weight up front. Oh and the keeper, well JP decided to have another swearing match with the fans (the 2nd time in the past few weeks) shame he doesn’t show so much fight when he is playing.

Load of rubbish.

Plus points: York is very pleasant in the sunshine. We only conceded one goal in the second half

Minus points: Goalkeeper, defence, midfield and attack (on our team!), game DIDN’T get called off.

The referee’s a…: Can’t really fault him. Their two pens were definite in my opinion. Other than that can’t say I really noticed
him. I was in shock from our “shitness”.

Them: We made their striker, Brodie [he is an ugly bastard] look like Messi. They were a tidy, physical side, but out did us with long balls straight through the middle. Not too sure how many were in the crowd, but there were about 150 of us.

Point to ponder: How many of these players really want to play for the club next season? If they are fighting for their contracts shouldn’t they really be working their bollocks off. Far too many of them are thinking about their summer holidays.

I’m getting sick of Pullen abusing the fans. If you’re going to play like shit accept the criticism. If you don’t like it, fuck off and play in the reserves while Seb Brown gets a [deserved] run in the team.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Cheeseburgers £3.20 – you’re having a laugh. (2) Toilets just like at Barnsley [Oakwell in the blizzard, piss up against a wall] but with a room, thanks for that. (3) A fair few northern wombles in attendance, giving York fans and players stick for being northern – love it.

Anything else? Didn’t see any ghosts in York, though our players did look like they were chasing shadows – does that count.

So, was it worth it? Do me a favour

In a nutshell: We’ve found our level, and it’s not in the top 6.

And finally: Two big cup semi finals in two weeks. Do the cup double and then sneak into 5th, hmmm.