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Wok and Roll

Published by REPD on 24 July 2010 Ah, that’s what I want to see from a pre-season friendly. Sunny summer weather, fair smattering of people, trees rustling mildly in the breeze, and Woking 0 Danny Kedwell 4. We may be in danger of becoming quite a good unit.

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Zolpidem Purchase Online OK, Derek Duncan Syndromeâ„¢ can always take over here, but that managed to be better than the Charlton game. Don’t get me wrong : there’s still a fair amount of fine tuning to be done, we’re not going in at full pelt and it’s clear we’re still two weeks away from the required match sharpness. What is clear is how there’s less trepidation about the season ahead now.

Be honest, how much better do you feel about the upcoming nine months? When you start looking forward to the next proper PSF against Exeter (is anyone counting the game against Ks now? Did they ever in the first place?), even when you’re 99% likely not to go, you know you might be getting carried away.

Mention has been made of how much JM has bulked up. Today, he was even bundling people off the ball. I will repeat that again : today, he was even bundling people off the ball. Let’s hope that’s down to good solid physical training and not  injecting him with a cocktail of steroids, HGH and concrete. But the likes of Wellard don’t look anywhere near the waifs they did last season. It was Rickay’s first game in pre-season, and obviously he still hasn’t quite figured out what to do when he’s got to make a conscious decision, but I did have to ask a couple of people who he was, because I didn’t quite recognise him. Unfortunately, according to TB, he went off injured. Actually, injuries seem to be piling up already, with Gregory doing something too. It’s a shame though that Nokkers is still out crocked, because this was the sort of game where he could show up glimpses of what he can do. Anyone have Jon Goodman flashing through their mind right now? One thing is certain, that 18/19 squad aspiration looks even more of a risky strategy now.

Still, we have time to mend them. Though I wonder if I’m alone in thinking that Southport will sneak up on us quicker than we think…

Get Ambien Online Plus points: We won. Clean sheet. Decent performances all round. Danny Kedwell finding the net. Jon Main. Ryan Jackson. Minshull (yeah, I said it. I repent). Looking like a unit more and more.

Zolpidem Mastercard Minus points: Should have been 7. Wellard’s injury.

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The referee’s a…: Did something I haven’t seen at a PSF in ages, namely he gave a player a yellow card. Slightly officious for a friendly, and the lino had a nervous twinge that kept making him raise his flag every time we attacked in the first 20 minutes.

Them: If that’s anywhere near their first team, they’re in trouble. Us going up a gear, or with a couple of weeks more fitness would have been nearer 7 or 8. Seriously, they were that bad. This was one of those mouthwatering potential fixtures back in the RP/CCL days, when making a trip down to Kingsfield proved that you had made the step up to the Conference big boys. Yet, like Ks and Slutton beforehand, you get the impression we aren’t likely to have many competitive fixtures anytime soon (you’ll see why I think that later on). Which as it’s only about 40 minutes from SM4 is a bit of a shame… Point to ponder: Is DK that fit? He seemed more hot and flushed than a Franchise fan outside a school at home time. The Chinese Whisper Rumour Mill has in the past suggested that he’s always fighting an injury – if that’s so, he’s even more of a model pro than first thought. Makes you wonder what the hell Grays did to him. Truth is stranger than fiction: Nothing that out of the ordinary went on, really. Maybe the attendance being in four figures, perhaps? That said, considering it was for a cup (the Phil Ledger Memorial), it’s a bit of a shame that most people didn’t stick around. Unless we’ve all got jaded from watching trophies getting lifted at Kingsfield. Anything else? Yes. A thought occured to me during the game. Aren’t Woking a perfect illustration of how the Conference has changed beyond all recognition? They are – or were – the typical semi-decent non-league outfit, and they were the venue of your editor’s professional writing debut (against FGR in about 2004/05), but they could have been a decent enough League club with the right breaks. Think D&R. Yet it didn’t work out for them, they stagnated and then declined, and now look at them.

Order Ambien Online Legally Whether it’s their own fault for not adapting, or just the way it goes remains unclear, but the likes of them, Wealdstone, Slough and Fisher to name but four are all teams who have been associated with the top non-league division in recent memory, yet are getting pushed further and further away. We now know that the likes of Ks and Slutton can never again compete for more than the once-off season in the BSP. Could we be adding Woking and Ebbsfleet to that list? If we have difficulty with the gap between ourselves and Luton, they stand no chance whatsoever of becoming the force they were.

This has probably been mentioned in past SW19 dispatches, but how easy is it for a team now from outside the Conference to get in it and more importantly stay there? We manage it because we’re a legitimately well-supported club with a League mentality (which given our past is no surprise). Newport County are in the same boat, although they still have to prove themselves in the Conf again. You have the ex-League ones who have fallen on hard times (ie Halifax, Chester) and special cases like FCUM. Other than that?

The big spenders like Fleetwood and Crawley are always living on a knife-edge,  because all they have is an artificial cash supply. If, say, AFCW needed a large amount of money to stave off something disasterous, we would do it because we have a core support of 2500-3000 (not so much match goers, but those who would help the club out if push came to shove). The same applies to the other big clubs in the Conference. The other clubs would be fucked. These days, Woking in that position would end up like Weymouth.

Perhaps the time really has come for the Football League to restructure the lower reaches to include the stronger Conf sides? After all, half the sides now came from there…

So, was it worth it? Yeah, why not?

In a nutshell: When does the season start?