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Another one joins, continued. Published by Order Tramadol Online Legally REPD on Tramadol 50Mg Buy Uk 4 August 2010

Before we start, a post on Twitter last night suggested that Barry Hayles came on for us in the reserve game at Dorking last night. As in, the Barry Hayles, ex-Fulham and Leicester striker. Who is a free agent, having just been released from Cheltenham. And who is 38 years old.

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He’s possibly – all right, probably – just training with us to keep fit while waiting for somebody to pick him up. I expect we’ll find him gone by the start of the season, simply because we won’t want to take his likely wages on. Chances are, some big spending side lower down in the BSS or even lower might decide he’s worth the money.

Tramadol Purchase Online Legally That said, if we did come to some arrangement, we could do a lot worse. Those who remember Marcus Gayle, or Mick Harford back in the 90s with WFC, will know that those sort of players never lose their touch and ability. He would be a worthy body on the bench, coming on in the last 10 minutes when DK and JM aren’t firing. Additionally, assuming he’s the right character to be doing this, we need a bit more experience full stop. Imagine him working with Nokkers or Sam-Yorke on the training ground every day. I don’t doubt that some of our RP players benefitted from MG being around.

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Order Tramadol India Besides, it’s not like Hayles is going to be snapped up by a League club now… Anyway, that’s one for the future, if it happens. Yesterday, your editor had an email from SW19 contributor Greg Valentine about a player we most definitely do have on our books, one Reece Jones. Interesting stuff…

A footnote to this article. I attended the Woking game on my own (the regulars I usually go with, as yet, don’t have the same enthusiasm as I do for PSF’s) and I met up with Fred Jones, someone I know from work.

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Enquiring as to whom he had come along to watch (Woking or the Dons) he said “my son”. The penny then dropped as I realized he was Reece’s Dad. We had a bit of a chat about how he came to be a trialist. It appears that despite Fulham’s European success last year, the finances are tighter than ever and in a money saving exercise, the academy set up has been severely streamlined and those youngsters deemed surplus to requirements have been subsequently released.

Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex Apparently, he went on trial at Motherwell and looked all set to sign but at the 11th hour got a call to say their budget wouldn’t stretch and they couldn’t take him on.

Tramadol Buyers Being a local lad (he lives in Chessington) he took it a blessing in disguise as the thought of being so far away from home would have been challenging.

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However, he was soon contacted by someone from the club. His Dad told me that he would happily sign on for a fairly low wage just to have the opportunity to play first team football (although I see TB using him as back up if injuries or suspensions come along). I’ve seen him play in 3 PSF’s, and although he has that ‘Alan Inns ungainly stance’ he certainly has a lot of energy and is one of those players who will break up opposition play.

Tramadol Online Overnight Usa I bet he (and his Dad) are delighted.