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Top of the League

(last update: 1051)

At least, until tomorrow when Newport gub us 2-0 at Theme Park KM : the place where all visitors go home happy.

Picked another good one to miss, didn’t I? Fortunately, they were understanding in the Dagenham press box when Danny Kedwell netted in the last minute – the Daggers are a side who TB himself has admitted he’s based the AFCW blueprint on, and the club itself appears a well-run one without an attitude problem or, as Sir Alex Ferguson may put it, one that resorts to kamikaze spending. Given our current league position and theirs, we may possibly be heading up the District Line next season to compare notes…

Anyway, as will be the case from now on, I’m getting various vox pops from people who go to games that SW19 don’t. This will be updated during the day as and when I can be arsed receive people’s thoughts. Bit like Chester last season. First up, Le Don Algerien…

Town gulls 2 – City foxes 3.

They played, we sang, we scored, we sang, half time, was gone, we scored, we sang, we stopped, they scored, they banged, we stopped, they scored, they banged, we sang, we roared, we played we scored, we sang, we sang.

Next, and shamelessly nabbed from WUP, Tintin on the man in the middle:

Last seen when we lost at Staines, when he seemed to give everything they shouted for. I worried when I saw him but he was one of the better refs I have seen in a while, playing a great advantage for our 1st goal, tried to let the game flow and only got his cards out when he had no choice. He added to a great game rather than hinder it.

While flicking through SW19 last night, I came across the St Albans home game (ie where we officially became BSS champions), and noticed that the ref back then was a Mr R Ganfield. For anyone who doubts our Best Discipline approach, think about the DA era when he wasn’t adverse to the odd comment to the ref before the game, and see where it got us.

More a bit later. Maybe.

UPDATE 1:Here’s a fuller report from Supreme Smithy…

Borough 2 – Dons 3

Thank fuck for that. Seriously, thank fuck for that. Probably my first game in ages whereby I thought that we would win it going into injury time, and again…..thank for that.

Day started off alright, decent grub in their bar, decent barmaid pulling my uhhmmm pint, and decent weather.

Started off ok, they looked dangerous from the off, their ex-Fanchise trainee, no. 10, can’t remember how to spell his name and he seriously is not worth looking up on that performance as he was complete dogshit. Maybe if he didn’t think he was hard enough by spitting every two fucking seconds and having his shorts pulled half way down his legs looking like a pikey he may have moved a bit quicker when what seemed like he was through on goal. Their number 7 was a gobby little shite too, but so would you be if you were only 3 ft tall.

Then Kedwell spanked it from, as one spectator said, 20 yards, another said 40 yards, I thought it was about 30 yards… fuck it Kedwell scored from 60 yards, although whether he shot it from the fucking pier, the goalie would have fucked it up; more on his performance later.

Half time came quickly, but if Sammy Moore had hit his shot a bit more cleanly, we would have been 2 up, good thing about him is that he does get into the box a lot and into scoring opportunities, something Terry Brown has been barking on about ever since he arrived.

Second half we started brightly for the first 20 mins, only one team going to win it from here we all thought, mad couple of minutes ensured. First Luke Moore done well down on the left, played it to Minshell and from a crossing position decided to dink it over their goalie, who for some reason must have been a good 10 yards off his line, why I don’t know. Ball then hit the post and rolled across the goal, keeper came back to get it.

20 seconds later, Gregory, who lost the ball a bit too much today, rifled a shot from 20 yards, spanked the top of the post.

We all sensed the second goal was coming, and it did, Luke Moore or Keds, can’t remember who it was, found some space down the left, pinged it in and Minshell powered a header into the top of the net. Again, where the fuck was their goalie?

There two goals, one was a soft free-kick, cracking curler, their next a free kick and was put in at the far post.

On came Jackson and Yusseff, running with pace, and in stoppage time Sammy Hatton picked the ball up ran about 40 yards slid it through to Keds and as he took it around the goalie everyone got hard nipples and he done the rest, then everyone went spastic and ended up with me grabbing on to some blokes left tit trying not to fall over.

Points to ponder:

Now that it seems Jon Main has been dropped, that will surely dent his confidence even more, we looked comfortable playing Keds up top with Luke Moore and Jolley’s pace either side of him, and this Nokkers character is only a couple of weeks away.

Andre 3000 Blackman, great at taking it round their right winger, turns around does it again, turns around, tries it again, and then loses it, presumably why TB took him off towards the end when the game was expanding more than Winkleman’s arsehole.

Their mascot, the sooner it gets bird flu and dies the better.

Lee Minshell, looked comfortable on the ball, powerful in challenges and does get himself box-to-box, something we’ll need in stronger games instead of Wellard.

Their goalie was a different category of shit, positioning was shit, kicking was shit, especially when it was rolled back to him and he ‘Sully’ sliced it. He took the abuse well, that’s the only thing he can take credit for.

Attendance was good, about 2,500, roughly 2,200 more than Yeading V Cunt Team Crawley got.

The ref was alright, looked like a bald garden gnome though.

One bloke in our crowd, presumably came down for the day to just give their no. 10 ex-Franchise cunt some stick, must have called him a wanker 1000 times, even told their goalie multiple times that “Gordon Banks was better than you and he only had one eye.” To be honest if Gordon Banks had one eye, one arm, and one leg he’d still be better than their no. 1.

Oh well I’m sure he’ll be back down to KM on Monday to give another ex-Franchise cunt Holdsworth some more stick, I’m sure he won’t be able to contain himself, and I’d put a tenner on him calling the greasy haired prick a ‘wanker’.

Another 3 points, and these are the games we’ll look back on if we sneak a play-off place, or sneak the title…..

More to follow…