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Fleetwood Town : LIVE (remember to refresh)

2134: Right, 3 minutes and my last update as I have to prepare to interview TB afterwards. Hope you enjoyed this service today. Little bit more in day or so. Goodnite.

2132: Sammy Moore off, Tooks on.

2131: With time starting to run out, the news you’ve all been waiting for – 1808 in the ground. No away turnout announced, not that I approve of that.

2129: Magno Viera, the man with the best name in non-league football, forces Seb into great save.

Kedwell limping, apparently.

2125: Now that’s a turn up for the books – Nokkers on and Kedwell off. To be fair, Kedwell has looked very ineffective in the second half.

2122: Jackson off, Luke Moore on. A bit of an attacking change, we shall see what happens.

2120: To sum it up – one break, good move to Jackson (we think), who controls the ball and…… shoots well over. Typical.

For the record, Fleetwood fans are enjoying calling Seb Brown fat. Yes, really.

2115: It really is all one way traffic right now, in the wrong direction. No obvious movement on the bench either…

2109: Here’s what happened – we aren’t passing like we were, we look jittery. Fear?

2103: Gwillim did a GREAT clearing header. What has happened to us?

2059: As I said on WDON, we need to ensure we don’t concede again for the moment, so we can get a grip. Seb Brown kicks ball out in a comedic fashion.

By the way, I really get nervous going on live radio like that. Don’t think anyone notices.

2054: Nope, nothing happened … BUT … we’ve started off as cold as the weather. Fleetwood have their tails up, we haven’t. And Seb has just flapped the ball away from danger.

2052: Hmm, started off a bit slow there, couple of Fleetwood corners. Need to be a bit careful here.

2048: Teams coming out for the second half. All Fleetwood fans next to our fans disappeared to the other end. Hopefully we’re stung sufficiently enough.

2038: Just been in Fleetwood toilets, the only toilets in non-league that has Sky Sports News above the urinals, in flatscreen.

Anyway, they seemed a bit buoyed up by their equaliser, which is understandable. And which makes it even more annoying that we let that go.

2032: Half time, 1-1. Shouldn’t be 1-1 but then, you could argue that Fleetwood should have been 1-0 up before we scored. Some words by TB at half time needed there, methinks.

2030: Cock – Magno Viera equalised in injury time of the first half on the goal-line. All that hard work undone. FLEETWOOD 1 AFCW 1.

2028: Oooh – DK beats offside trap, and bears down on the goal – could have squared it but he’s obviously on fire tonight as he takes the shot on himself. Shame the GK saved it. Still, we have another goal in us tonight.

Oh, and 3-0 Luton against York. Goals, not York players attacked by Luton fans.

2025: We did some nice possession football just there, which proves  if/when we can get some time on the ball…

2020: When I say on backfoot, means we’re not having much of the ball in the middle of the park. However, so far, Fleetwood have done only long range shots.

2015: Still a little bit on backfoot, though DK had good run where he ultimately found himself in a cul-de-sac. We are losing the ball but just as importantly getting it back again. Could do with second goal, or a little bit more pressure.

2009: On backfoot a little bit at the moment. Mind you, DK looks really up for it this evening. As they all do, to be fair. We have a corner BTW…

… which nothing happens in.

2003: Before DK rudely interrupted, was about to note that his best mate Jamie Stuart was being very loud with his “who wants it?” yelps. Then he gave the ball away to Jamie McGuire who was foiled right at the death by Seb Brown

2001: GOOOOLLLLLLL. Jackson down right, square to DK. Running in. First goal since 9 November for him. FLEETWOOD 0 AFCW 1

1957: Crawley winning. Sigh.

1955: Crowd watch – seems to be 100-150 Wombles, all down the gloriously entitled Percy Ronson stand. Making some good noise. Bunched up to them are the locals, who are also a little bit loud.

1951: Had couple of corner. Gwillim looks like he’ll be the regular corner taker as he’s swinging some in. Just need somebody on the end of them now.

1947: Played two minutes. No, we’re not 1-0 down. Bit nippy, so expect plenty of running about. Fleetwood shoot over a mile over.

1941: Teams coming out. We’re in yellow. Fleetwood have some odd looking fish thingy as a mascot. Makes Haydon look normal.

1934: Initial thoughts : nice pitch. Strong enough squad, Gwillim starts as does Hudson. 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 depending on how we’re attacking.

Fleetwood have Sean Clancy, who is Abby Clancy’s brother. Who is shagging Peter Crouch. Abby, not Sean. I think.

OK then folks, I’m going to try something a bit different tonight – I will be attempting a live update service during the Fleetwood game.

I will regulate at semi-regular intervals during the game. With some interesting typing, no doubt…

This might work, this might not, but I hope you enjoy it 😉