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Manhattan Transfer, continued (aka Midnight edition)

You know, I just knew that there would be one further twist in the transfer tale tonight (and try saying that with a couple inside you…)

So, welcome Gary Alexander. And adios Byron Harrison. And goodbye to what has been an interesting transfer window.

If you haven’t read the update from earlier tonight, do so. It’s under this one on the main page. I wrote it a mere couple of hours ago, where our big transfer deadline signing was Kevin Sante-Luce, of Cardiff nightclub fame. The jist of that article was that some would have felt pretty deflated and that we hadn’t done enough for the slog that lies ahead of us.

Yet like a high budget porn film, the money shot comes at the end when you think it’s all over and the main characters are starting to walk out of the big mansion. As you rush to get your mop and bucket, it sounds like NA was after GA to the point of stalking him.

Grapevine rumours that he was due a medical yesterday, then Southend were sniffing around him, then the usual Twitter frenzy all seem par for the course with transfers these days, and this was no exception. According to the OS, GA played with NA at Millwall, so this one probably isn’t a surprise. That he’s on loan does suggest that going down this route isn’t all bad, although it probably also suggests that McCallum will probably be back at Upton Park once his spell ends with us.

But goals are still a problem for us, and GA should help us with that. Especially if he’s considered an older Kedwell. And it seems that he’s not a duff of a signing – hell, even Southend fans are tweeting about it:

All At Sea fanzine ‏@AllAtSeaFanzine  Worst thing about deadline day is learning we’re going to have to face Gary Alexander again. Can’t remember a game he didn’t score vs us

Yet somehow, this isn’t the big story for us. That would be Byron heading down towards the West Country to play for Cheltenham. That we’ve got an undisclosed sum for him is one thing, that the Robins were chasing him as far back as the close season is another. I guess they feel they can get out of him what us and Stevenage before him couldn’t.

Either that or he’s not actually going to CTFC but the race course next door.

OK, I jest, but considering he was our current top scorer, there was never something quite right about us getting him. He seemed to be indicative of the latter stages of the Terry Brown era, as in you never quite knew why – or even if – he was scouted, and that it was because he played for Ashford Town rather than Stevenage.

He certainly didn’t come to us high on confidence, and he quickly aquired the name of Banjo. Which was never really a good sign – he certainly didn’t appear to work his reproductive parts off as much as Jack Midson, and he never really shook off the record signing tag he had.

Which is a shame, but right now I feel we’ve got the best deal from it. No doubt he’ll go on and score shitloads of goals, but to be honest I’d rather have GA alongside Midson. Besides, was it just me or did Banjo spend a bit too much time on the treatment table…?

Anyway, despite the transfer window shutting for permanent deals, the loanee one opens up again before too long. Not to mention that those without a contract can still be snapped up. One player who finds himself without a club this evening is waving to Banjo at the Whaddon Road car park at this moment.

Alan Bennett, who the rumour mill suggested we were a) after and b) tried to bid for has conveniently had his contract terminated by mutual consent. Like Byron with Cheltenham, this is another suggestion that never fully gets put to bed. Could we really be seeing the guy your editor has seen three times for Cork City in an AFCW shirt?

Perhaps, but then again perhaps not. Before you get too excited, here’s what the CTFC boss said tonight:

Alan Bennett has been a fantastic person and captain around this club. A club enquired about him in this transfer window but he didn’t feel it was the right move for him. He rang me at 10pm this evening asking whether a deal could be done on the remaining period left on his contract and he leaves with my blessing and thanks.

Bold bit mine, and if that club was ourselves then we probably won’t get him after all. Mind you, if he currently has no income…

Mind you, that all does sound odd goings on with him. To state you want to stay and fight for your place then have your contract cancelled by mutual consent? Still, if he does want to come for us until May, we’ll happily take him on.

After all, it’s not like he’ll have to show C-Mac how to defend…